hey everyone, hows it going? we had a pretty good week just recently here in good ol acueducto so i actually have stuff to talk about this week haha. this past saturday was the baptism of the hna. amalia and my goodness it was a straight up nightmare haha i swear nothing every goes well with baptisms in the mission. every time no matter how much planning and preparation you do there is always something that comes up. 

so first problem was that when we showed up to fill the font, the water came out swamp green and we were like what the heck that isnt normal, and so we called the bishop and he said that theres some kind of fungus in the water tank and there is nothing to do about it haha so we just accept that the water is going to be grossly green and proceed to filling up the font and then there is no warm water. the boiler that my companion supposedly turned on the day before had turned off, and the boiler requires at least 24 hrs to warm up before use, and so the water was ice cold. 

and the problem is that the hna amalia is a pretty old lady and so it would have been a little sketchy to baptize her in ice cold water and then add to that its been really rainy and cold here lately and our goal is to help her make this covenant and not try to kill her haha. so anyways after we came to the resolution that we were not going to be able to baptize her in the font in our chapel and we didnt want to have to wait to do it next week, we decided to change the plans up and do the baptism in the stake center. so we called up the elders that work over there and told them to start filling up the font with warm water because we were on our way to do a baptism. so we send out a mass text to all the members and leave a sign on the gate of the chapel letting everyone know about the change of plans for the baptism. 

we got everything ready to go in the stake center, and managed to only start an hour and a half late haha but it turned out to be a way spiritual baptismal service. there were many teary eyes. it was scary though because we thought that she died when my companion baptized her becuase she just went limp in the water and when my companion picked her up she wouldnt unplug her nose and he had to like yank her hand off of her nose haha but ya everyone was like oh my gosh elder solorzano killed amalia haha. but it all turned out good and she was super happy and stoked about it all. shes such a funny little lady haha. 

but that was the big event of the week, i hope you all enjoyed the story haha. also this past friday was my 4 month  countdown day...super crazy thinking that i only have 4 months left to go. went by way to quick and in a few weeks im going to be completing 21 months....super wack. bueno pues i have to go now but before i go just wanna say i love you all and that i miss you all tons too, have a great week and talk to you all soon!

with much love from mexico,
Elder Maccarthy

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