so we have been struggling these past few weeks finding new people to teach, but things really turned around this past week. we had been praying alot and even fasted to find new people to teach and in just 2 days we received 3 references of families that live in our area who other missionaries have contacted and who want us to teach them. it was a total answer to our prayers. we had the chance to talk to 1 of them saturday and the other 2 were going to go and visit today. but im way stoked about it because i was stressing out a little bit cuz i didnt want to end my last month in the mission not teaching anyone and over all i was worried about leaving the area and leaving elder osorio without anyone to teach with his following companion. 

apart from that though it was a pretty relaxed week, not too much stuff out of the ordinary went down.  the typical waking up at 630 studying doing visits all day and then going home to plan and sleep and repeat the process again the following day ahah. oh but actually one cool thing that happened this past week, we ate a crazy food. its called 'pata de mula' and its like clams that you find in river beds...but they look like little mini octopuses in clam shells. and the grossest part is that you eat them raw with chili, lemon and salt (the condiments that every mexican food has) and just slurp the animal octupus thing from the shell and then chew it up in your mouth and swallow....its pretty funky and im sure it sounds gross but it actually didnt taste too bad haha. 

if you want you can google it to get a better idea on what the things are and what they look like. also pretty stoked for this upcoming week because friday we have our annual general authourity visit...this year Elder Toris from the seventy is going to be coming. its always great being able to receive instruction from the general authorities on such a personal level, i mean its great and all in general conference but being in their presence with them brings a whole different impact and level to the things that you can learn. i can only imagine what it must be like to treat them on a daily or evenly weekly or monthly basis, it must be amazing. 

oh and also yesterday at the christmas devotional it was way cool because where we went to watch it there were a bunch of members from central (my first area) there and so it was cool being able to see them and be able to talk to them and all that good stuff. it blows my mind thinking about how it was like a year and a half ago that i was in that area just barely getting starting and where i am now. aside from being able to see all my old mission friends, the devotional in and of itself was pretty good, i enjoyed all the messages and hope that you all were able to also. i hope that you all have a great week and that youre enjoying these holiday seasons with friends and families. take care everyone, love you tons and ill be talking to you all next week.

with much love from mexico,
Elder Maccarthy

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