so this email might be a little short because i was a little bit busy doing some other things so sorry beforehand. its because the secretaries have been calling me because they need to know when i want to go home...i have to choose between november and january...so my mind has been absorbed in that and i totally forgot to write out an email haha. 

but everything was pretty relaxed this past week. my best friend here in acueducto went to the temple this last weekend and did his endowments...so that was way cool. hes the one that is going to start the mexican restaurant with me in california, hes already bought his plane tickets to go haha so he is way cool and i seriously love the guy, i'm excited for you all to be able to meet him. we had a way cool experience this past week though but i'll have to tell it to you all about it next week because i ran out of time. also next week i'll be letting you all know when i'm coming home. have a good week, love you all and take care till next time!

with much love from mexico,

Elder Maccarthy

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