hey everyone, sorry for not having sent an email yesterday, i ended up having changes and didnt have time to write one out but dont worry now im here to send one. so first big news, i had changes. i am now back in guadalajara, where i started my mission, and where i am also going to end it. the area that im in now is called rio verde...its basically in outskirts of guadalajara, and i just barely showed up so i dont really have much to say about it here haha. its going to be interesting though because president closed the area awhile ago, and completely whitewashed the district and were absolutely on our own here until we get the hang off things around here. its gonna be fun though. 
my goodbye party with elder solorzano, me, hermana rueda and hermana guzman

also cool news that im going to finish my mission training! we all met up this morning with president and my new companion is named elder osorio....and hes from chile! i thought it was cool when i found that out because i know thats where hayden is serving his mission. but ya hes a funny little fella, from the little we have getting to know each other i have a feeling were gonna have a good time together. it was a little strange for me to be there this morning amongst all these elders who are just barely beginning their missions, made me feel like the patriarch of the mission because they were all over me asking me questions haha it was funny. 

me and elder osorio
also president asked me to translate the meeting for him so that the new americans could understand, and it was pretty cool because when he called me up to translate he introduced me to all the missionaries with his personal feelings for me and the things ive done in the mission....and well not to be prideful or anything but it made me look like a demi god to all these new elders, and it made me feel pretty good personally to stand up there in front of all these new missionaries and be able to reflect on the progress that ive made and the things ive experienced in my mission. i sure have come a long ways. 

but ya it was a pretty cool experience for me to be able to translate the meeting, it made me realize how great of a blessing it is to be able to know these 2 languages perfectly. the coolest part though for me was being able to translate the testimony of the president, it gave me an idea of how the conference translators must feel as they translate for the prophet and other church leaders, because the spirit is just way strong. it was something very special for me being able to testify in a certain sense to these missionaries on behalf of president, and for being able to help them feel the spirit. my last week in acueducto was pretty good also, to be honest i wasnt expecting the change. on sunday we had our stake conference and it was pretty cool. the stake president gave time to 5 youth who have received mission calls and will be leaving to the field in the upcoming months. 

me, president camarillo and elder osorio
there was one kid in specific who talked about how he had an older brother in the mission also and how his brother had been such a great example for him and a big motivating force for him going on the mission. as i sat there listening to this kid talk i couldnt help but cry as i thought about connor being in that same place and saying similar things. almost all the youth that spoke talked about the example that their older siblings had set by serving missions and the feelings that that experienced as they lived the mission together with them through their weekly emails. 

it comforted me and helped me see a little bit into what the Lord has planned for me and the family, and even though its hard for me to be missing out on all the preparation for connors mission and those last moments with him, i know that this is where the Lord needs me to be in these moments. its been good here though lately, i cant complain. im just living it all up while i still can and working hard every day like it was the last one. i love you all and miss you tons. take care and ill be talking to you all next week!

with much love from mexico, 
Elder Maccarthy

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