hey everyone hows its going? things are doing pretty good here in rio verde, not too much went down this past week cuz were  jutst barely getting to know the area and so we spent a lot of time just walking around in the streets trying to find people and getting lost haha. buts its been pretty fun, my companion is a way goofy kid, were complete opposites and so its been pretty interesting haha. 

we found a family though this past week and weve started teaching them. its a mom and her 3 kids thats were teaching. in our first lesson with them, elder osorio had his first oppotunity to invite someone to get baptized....they said yes but didnt accept a date. it was cool and he was stoked afterward haha. i think that that has abeen the coolest part about training at this point in my mission, its making me appreciate and remember alot of th e smaller finer details of the mission. and its making me look back aloton my first months in the mission and alll the good experiences that ive had. but so far its been going good. 

the area itselft is pretty good too, its a little sketchy though, lots of little hood rats haha buts its cool cuz were making friends with all the gang bangers...theyre always saying stuff to me in english so ill respond well start talking ill tell em im from california, close to long beach and that always blows their minds and they say no way i lived there dude and boom just like that we become best friends. their cool people and well you all know the saying, when in rome do as the romans do haha. also the members here love the missionaries especially since there havent been any in awhile and so theyre all stoked to help us out with  anything and give us food and all sorts of cool stuff, its nice to be loved. 

im already lining up my birthday parties for next wee k haha. but i have to go now, sorry i didnt write much, we were running around doing a bunch of stuff and so we got to the ciber late, so im going to try to write more next week and let you alll know more experiencias and stuff like that. i love you all and hope that you have agreat week! take care everyone!

with much love from mexico,
Elder Maccarthy

p.s. my area is by this placed called the barranca de huentitan in case you want to google it 

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