we had a way good week recently, we were able to make up for all the time we lost for being sick the last week. it was raining and cold all week long, but we were still able to have some killer lessons. we went with fabiola and her kids on saturday and had a way rad lesson with them, we were finally able to commit them to be baptized on the 23 and they accepted really well and we were suuuuper stoked because it was a complete miracle that they accepted after almost 2 months in teaching...the only problem was that they didnt come to church on sunday and in the mission we have rules where the investigators have to attend church a certain number of times before they can be baptized and so since they didnt come the baptismal date they had fell. 

but its all good, were going to give up that easy we just have to work a little bit harder and soon were going to help them get baptized. the good thing is that ive learned in the mission that everyone has their spped in accepting the gospel...some are faster and others slower and the important thing is taht you just have to work hard with all and do your best part and let the Lord take care of the rest. but were sure that it wont be far away the day that they get baptized. if i could sum up how i feel right now in one word id say happy. i just feel so happy lately haha im loving being a missionary. 

and im seriously so excited knowing that connor is in the mtc right now and beginning his mission...ill admit that i got a few crocodile tears here in the ciber reading his first email home and seeing the pictures of him. without a doubt this is the Lords work. i know that my time is coming to an end but the best part is taht i can look back on the time that i have serve and say that i lived up and not have any regrets. i think thats the true secret to having a good mission...serving in such a way that at the end you can say that you gave it your all and taht you dont have any regrets. i still have a lot to go though in the mission so i also need to continue apply this principle day by day. because really its something that will prepare me for my whole life...because one day im going to have to go back to home in heaven and i wish i can say the same that i gave it my all and dont have any regrets. 

i love you all and thanks for all the supports and prayers. take care everyone, and dad im going to be praying for you and good luck with the surgery, i would love to be there with you in person but sorry the Lord needs here right now. i love you though and will have you in my thoughts and prayers. i love you all and  have a great week!

with much love from mexico,
Elder Maccarthy

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