so even though this past week we were hardly in our area to work we ended up having some really great experiences. on thursday when we got back we went to the house of our one investigator whos baptismal date is for the upcoming 7th of september and much to our surprise her sister answered the door and told us that she no longer wanted anything to do with us and that she had decided that she no longer wanted to get baptized. we were pretty taken back because she was progressing really well and she seemed really excited and determined for her baptism and it was definitely something that we didnt see coming. 

and so we talked to her sister for a little (her sister is already a member) and we helped her to keep up the hope while we struggling to keep the hope ourselves haha. but in the end of it we decided to keep praying for her and to also do a fast and that we were going to keep stopping by to try and talk with her. and so we stopped by again on friday and saturday and we saw the same results that she was set on the decision she had made and didnt want anything to do with us and her sister told us to just let her be because this is the fourth time the missionaries have tried with her and better to just hope and pray that shell accept the gospel in the next life. and so not gonna lie but we were pretty bummed about the whole deal because we had put alot of effort and prayers in helping her progress to just end up having results like the ones we did. 

however the Lord has his ways of doing things and teaching us lessons, and much to our surprise when we showed up to church on sunday, there she was with her sister. we went up and talked with her and she told us that she had good news and that she had changed her mind and that she wanted to get baptized on saturday. we were way pumped to hear this and we couldnt help but thank the Lord for having listened and answered our prayers, and having seen our efforts to help this daughter of God. we stopped by with her last night to teach her, and had a way awesome lesson with her, one of the best lessons weve had for a long time and the Spirit was just super powerful and felt by all in the room. made me happy to be a missionary, and especially for my decision to stay more time and continue having great experiences like this one.

 also this past week an hermano in our ward took us to meet a friend of his whos boyfriend was killed by narcos a few weeks ago. it was way cool to see another example of how the Lord knows each and every one of his children and their needs and how he answers and hears all of our prayers. in the visit with this young lady after talking with her for a little she told us how exactly the day before she had said that she was crying and just fed up with the sadness and wishing that something or someone to help her feel more calm and peace in her life and then to her surprise there we were in this moment with her and it was a pretty cool experience also.

 and so after finishing talking with her we invited her to offer a prayer, and i swear one of the most spiritual and best moments that a missionary and any other person can experience, is hearing the first heartfelt prayer of a child of God talking with our Heavenly Father and feeling his love and presence. its something that doesnt have words to describe it and is something that keeps me loving the mission and not wanting to go home haha even though ive got little time left im excited and looking forward to all the great opportunities that lie ahead in my mission. it was pretty crazy for me to complete 20 months this past wednesday, its mind blowing how fast time goes time and to all the other missionaries out there and all the youth preparing to serve, my advice is that you just give it your all and live everyday like its your last because before you know it its all over. serving a mission is the best thing any person could ever do, and it so exciting hearing all the great news of everything thats happening back home. 

i love you all and keep up the great work. i miss you all tons but dont worry im enjoying myself and soon enough ill be back ther with you all. take care and have a great week!
with much love from mexico,
Elder Maccarthy

p.s. congrats connor for sending your papers in this week!! i love you bro!!

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