so after the results of last weeks letter i decided to write down things throughout the week to help me out when it got time to write you all. so we found this guy this past week that got baptized like a year and a half ago but never got confirmed, and so we've been visiting him lately to get him ready to be confirmed finally haha. but dude this guy is just straight nuts haha he knows a TON. when we go to teach him he basically ends up teaching us stuff haha because hes spent the past 2 years since he met the church studying anything he can get his hands on. hes read the bible, book of mormon, doctrine and convenants and pearl of great price numerous times, hes read and studied all of the books of institute and seminary, majority of the books of the teachings of the prophets, and a bunch of other books that prophets and apostles have written. its seriously ridiculous how much this guy knows haha hes schooled us a few times this week not gonna lie. but hes way rad, were working on getting him to live a few commandments are start coming to church regularly again and in no time were going to help him get confirmed. 

oh and hes a way gnarly body builder too haha a while ago he won the mister michoacan bodybuilding title haha and hes always telling us about his technics and theories and stuff like that its funny. also  this member introduced us to a friend of hers and we've started teaching her, its way cool too because the friend just showed up here from seattle, she grew up there and just barely moved here too study and live with family for awhile. so its pretty cool to be able to speak with someone in english again, buts its way weird how much ive forgotten, especially when it comes to teaching about the gospel and stuff like that, i find myself pausing and correcting myself a lot haha its funny. it will be interesting getting home and having to get back into the habit of speaking english all the time. 

lets see what else....we played soccer today in an indoor soccer field and i tore my legs up on the turf haha i gotta say though soccer is pretty fun, i dont know why i never played it before the mish. also this past week we had a leadership training for all the missionary leaders in michoacan and so i got to see elder garcia and all my buddies from uruapan again, it was way nice to see them all again and talk with them. 

the work is still exploting in apatzingan and so it was good to hear that and that everyone still talks about me there haha i guess i really left my impact there. tomorrow we have zone leader councils and so were going to go on vacations to guadalajara and get to sleep in the bus haha woohoo 8 extra hours of sleep this week. but i gotta go now, time is up but i hope that you're all well back home and know that i love you and appreciate all the support...have a great week everyone!

with much love from mexico,
Elder Maccarthy

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