so we had some pretty exciting things happen this past week here in the zone, today was changes and with the changes we opened up a new district and 2 new areas here in the zone. were now the third largest zone in the mission, and its pretty cool in general to see the growth of the mission and the progress that is being made in missionary work. 

today 24 new elders showed up to the mission and so it really is a testimony builder to truthfulness of all the things that the church leaders have been saying in the last couple months. also were starting to see more and more progress here in our area. yesterday we had our ward conference and we saw great results. we had the highest attendance to sacrament meeting thats been seen in the ward for months and the best part was that the members took advantage of the occasion to invite friends and families who arent members to the conference and so we were able to meet lots of people whom this week were going to start teaching. so we have high hopes that we finally caught our break here in the area and that all our hard work is finally going to be paying off. 

this upcoming week im going to completing 19 months in the mission, its super crazy i know. and with that announcement i have even crazier news...so in regards to my generation of elders and our release date president has said that its very possible that hes going to send us home a change early, so that means that id be coming home at the end of november instead of the end of december. im not really to sure what to think about it haha i personally want to just stick it out and serve the whole 2 years but its still a ways away and so im trying hard not to think about it too much. 

oh and also my packet finally showed up this past week haha funny how just as i was thinking to give up hope on it getting her, it shows up. cool stuff. i cant really think of anything else to write right now, my mind is in another world right now haha so sorry about that. i hope all is well back home and this week ill be sure to write things down that happen in the week so that ill have a letter thats a little bit more interesting for you all to read. i love you and thanks for all the support. take care!

with much love from mexico, 
Elder Maccarthy

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