things keep moving along here in good ol acueducto, little by little progressing and getting better. not much went down this past week haha pretty just the same ol same ol. we had a ward activity/ service project on saturday in the chapel that was pretty fun. the whole ward was there cleaning the chapel and it was pretty fun because me and elder solorzano got to play around with machetes and axes for awhile as we cleaned up some of the zacate and other ugly plants on the church grounds. 

while we were working i couldnt help but think of the story that the prophet shared in the last conference of when he was a boy and he and one of his friends decided to light fire to make a fire to burn down some grass, because i'm sure in my case it would have been a lot more effective to just throw some gasoline and fire to the area instead of chopping it all down by hand haha but at the same time it probably wouldve have yielded the same results as president monson's story or worse haha. but it was fun to get dirty and grimmy again haha 

also i got interviewed by the church maintenance and cleaning department about why its important to participate in service project like the one we did for a video that they are making to capacitate leaders and members throughout mexico. so i'm going to be famous in mexico basically. the camera just cant get enough of me, thinking about going into the tv industry after the mission haha no just kidding. after the activity we had a carne asada and i ate about a kilo and a half of meat, it was waaaay good. i beat out all of the mexicans there, including my companion who is from monterrey where they supposedly eat a bunch of carne asada, but they didnt realize who they were messing with when they invited Elder Maccarthy to the party haha. 

also did divisiones with an elder named Elder Seljaas, that is in the area of camelinas 2, he is a pretty cool kid and it was fun working with him and helping him out in his area. in the next upcoming weeks were going to be seeing a lot of exciting changes in the mission, were going to creating 2 new zones, one spanding the coast of michoacan and the other in a part of guanajuato called ciudad hidalgo. so were going to be expanding a lot here in the mission. i'm hoping that i'll get changed and sent to the zone down in lazaro cardenas so i can be by the beach again haha and because from what everyone says its pretty down there. but its basically like the dream right now of every elder in the mission to go there so who knows what will happen. at best i'll end up finishing my mission here in morelia though haha. 

next weekend is changes though so i'll be letting you all know how things end up turning out. hope all is well back home for you all and that you are all enjoying your summer vacations and what not. i'm personally enjoying my summer vacations here in mexico haha so i wish the same for you all too. thanks for all the support love and prayers, i appreaciate it all! take care everyone and i love you all tons!
with much love from mexico,
Elder Maccarthy

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