FELIZ NAVIDAD a todos! hope that you all are enjoying this holiday season and the special spirit that we all feel in this time of the year. this past week was somewhat slow just because things usually have the tendency to slow time around this time, but it still had its good moments. we had our mission christmas activity on thursday, and it wasnt too bad. it wasnt as joyful as we all expected it to be haha because the first 2 hours of the activity president just got mad at everyone because the numbers of the mission arent looking very good right now, but it got better afterwards in the lunch and gift exchange. 

for me the best part was just being able to hang out with some of my old companions for the last time in the mission. it was sad at the end saying goodbye to some of them, its crazy how im going home so soon, still hasnt really sunk in. also funny story from the christmas activity, so we were sitting at one of the tables eating and talking about all the funny stories and good times from our time in the mission and elder garcia (the elder that i trained in apatzingan) was telling a funny story and i started laughing at the precise moment when i went to eat a spoonful of mashed potatoes and i ended up inhaling it and starting coughing hard core because the mashed potatoes got lodged in my throat and elder osorio started patting me on the back and i drank some water and it calmed down a bit and everyone was like are you okay haha and then i started choking again and all of the sudden i just throw up all over the place haha and yeah it was funny because everyone was like oh my gosh what just happened and they gave me a plate to throw up on so i wouldnt get any more puke on the floor haha and then i snuck off the bathroom to clean myself up and the best part of the story is that all of this went down and nobody else even noticed apart from the elders that were sitting there at the table with me haha it was pretty skillfull on my part i must admit. 

also this past weeks we took a few days and we went around singing christmas carols to the members and investigators in our areas. it was pretty cool, and not gonna lie but we sounded waaay good. the only problem is that i dont think that ill ever be able to sing a christmas carol again because after singing the same ones for hours and hours you kind of get tired of doing it ahah and we honestly walked a ton in the days that we did the caroling, more than what we normally walk as misionaries haha. but overall it was a great experience, something that ill remember for awhile. 

likewise we have planned to go a caroling a few more days this week and also some good food appointments with members to celebrate christmas, ill definitely be gaining a few pounds and enjoying some last good mexican meals before i have to go home. also its pretty crazy that this saturday i will be completing 2 YEARS as a missionary...time sure has flown by. youll all have to go out and do something special that day for me, i mean the majority of missionaries only get 2 years to serve and so its pretty cool that im going to pass that goal up haha. i love you all and hope that youll all  be able to enjoy christmas at home with your families, ill be there with you all in spirit. i love you and miss you tons, but well hey this is my second to last email, next week will be the last one. have a great week everyone and remember that i love you all!

with much love from mexico,
Elder Maccarthy

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