so you could say that this past week was pretty crappy...literally haha because i was super sick. i dont know what i ate but something did me damage, i think it was the chinese food and pig snout that i ate on monday. but anyways so ya this past i was dying with some gnarly stomach problems, but it went away saturday so im doing better now. but for the same reason that i wasnt feeling to well it kind of took its tole on the work this past week, we had a lot of stuff to do but werent able to complete everything we had planned so were going to have to put in double work this upcoming week. 

also this past week we had interviews with president, and it was pretty cool because it motivated me to keep working hard these last few months of my mission. i gotta say im pretty thankful for president camarillo, he has really helped me out alot in the mission and ive learned a ton from him. its definitely true that part of our assignments as missionaries are because the Lord knows which mission president will be able to help us reach our potencial and make the progress that we need. also its pretty cool thinking about how as off wednesday that ill be serving together in the mission force with my little brother, i honestly didnt think it would happen haha. 

its kind of a bummer that we wont be able to see eacother for 4 years but at the same time its way cool thinking about how were serving together, even though were thousands of miles away from eachother in almost completely different worlds, were together in terms of the message we share and our purspose as missionaries. its amazing to think about the lives that will be blessed by the elders maccarthy...our influence will have an effect on two different continents and in two different languages. i love how this gospel brings so many blessings to those who serve and unto whom they serve. 

i know that in these few months that we will be in the missionary force together that our family will receive even more blessings and that there isnt a better place where me and connor can be right now. and to you mom and dad...good job. you guys can relax knowing that you did a great job and that you got us both to where we are right now. i love you guys and miss you tons but dont worry im right where i need to be. i love you all tons and pray for you every day. take care and enjoy your week everyone!

with much love from mexico,
Elder Maccarthy

p.s. mom dont forget to take kleenex with you wednesday haha love you

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