so for the first time in awhile im super stoked to write today because i have some pretty cool stuff to tell you all, i had a really great week. so last monday till wednesday i was on divisions with elder payne, my homie from the bay area, whos one of the asistents here in michoacan. and we totally killed it together, in the time we were together we found a family of 9 people that are just super rad. 

so what happened was this lady contacted them in the street monday morning telling them to go visit her son because hes a drug addict and she wanted them to try and help them. so me and elder payne went that night to go try and find the son, and sure enough as we show up to the house there he is chilling outside and so we go up and talk to him and he was trying to get us to leave haha but we just kept making small talk with him and anyways after about like 10 mins of being outside talking with him someone from inside his house invites us to come in and so we take the iniciative and just walk right in haha and so we sit down and start talking down with him and then the mom shows up and so we start talking to her for a little and the dad shows up and so we start talking to them and we shared a message with them and it was just way spiritual, the family has a lot of problems unfortunately, but the good part is that the gospel is going to help them out a bunch. 

and so anyways as we were wrapping up the lesson they invited us over to eat the following day and so we agreed and we also invited them to invite family and friends to join us for the lesson the next day. and so anyways we show up the next day we eat with them and it just so happened to be the birthday of one of the grandkids so the whole family was there and so we took advantage of the occasion and invited everyone to listen and they all ended up really liking what we shared and the elders are still teaching them and theyre progressing really well. it reminded me of my days in apatzingan when we would stand up on milk crates to give lessons to groups of like 20 people. so ya it was a pretty cool experience for me. 

and then we had some other way cool experiences that we had this past weekend passed in our own area. so the first is that this one sister introduced us to her sister who was going to get baptized before but never did because her son chased the missionaries away, but anways her son has since calmed down and is less hostile and so weve been teaching her and shes progressing well and were preparing her to get baptized in september. shes a cute little old lady that like to make alot of jokes so its a good time going and visitng her haha. the other was this family of less actives that weve visiting for about 2 months now came to church this last sunday for the first time in over 2 years! so it way awesome to see them there together as a family and especially because after church we went and visited them and hearing them share their testimonies of the church and how they felt coming back to the church after so much time was really motivating experience for me. 

as you all know this past week i had to make the decision of whether to go home in november or january...and well yeah it was a pretty hard decision not gonna lie. but i put alot of thinking prayer and fasting in practice in order to help me find out what to do and well i got my answer and i know its know what you all want but its what i feel is the correct thing to do and so ive decided to stay till january. sorry for disappointing anybody who was hoping that id come home in november but i hope that youll understand and not hold it against me haha. but no worries because january will be here quicker than you know it and there will be many other thanksgivings, christmas, and new years to spend with you all. i love you all and miss you tons. take care and have a great week and ill be seeing you all soon. 
with much love from mexico,
Elder Maccarthy

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