well things have been picking up here in the area, ive come the conclusion that i may not be ending my mission as i imangined baptizing alot of people, but instead that the Lord has sent me here to strengthen the ward members and set the foundations for future missionaries. because in honesty the animo and faith of the members here is really hurting, its been really sad visiting them and hearing the stories of the stuff thats happened and see how grateful they are to have missionaries again. it hurt alot of members when they took the missionaries away and theyre way thankful to have us back, and extremely open and willing to help us out. 

happy halloween everyone!
i feel like were going to see alot of growth here. but ya so this week weve just been visiting alot of less active members and active members, and weve had some cool experiences visiting them. really great people here. and also we continue visiting that one investigator family and they still are being a little stubborn haha but its okay i know that soon enough theyll come around, they always do. but anyways so today was pretty fun, we all hung out as a district to celebrate my birthday. 

me and elder hughes (it says "take my hand" in case you cant read it
we went to go eat in carls jr. and it was pretty funny because we told the girl that brought the food to our table that it was my birthday and if they could sing me las maƱanitas, and she laughed and said that shed see what they could do and then like 10 minutes later they put on the song of las maƱanitas on the loud speakers and she came to our table with some scoops of ice cream on a plate and wishing me happy birthday haha it was pretty fun, after the mission ill have to show you all the video. it will definitely be a pre birthday party that ill never forget. and well who knows what im going to be doing tomorrow for my birthday, nobody knows its my birthday here so its probably going to be like any other day haha but its okay i dont mind. im used to it now. 

birthday party in carls 

but also quick funny story...so elder osorio wanted to get his hair cut and i told him to not worry and that id do it for him haha cuz i figured that it couldnt be too hard to do, and boy was i in for a surprise haha i ended up cutting his hair for like 3 hrs cuz i totally messed it up ahaha and he was freaking out poor kid, i managed to save it and it doesnt look too bad, only the back looks a little like a cow chewed on his head cuz its uneven....i never would have imagined that its so hard cutting hair, my respect to all the hair cutters out there. it was a funny experience though. 
the cake thing they gave me

things are going great here though, and im still enjoying myself amidst the difficulties, hope that you all are able to enjoy halloween eat lots of candy for me. and do something cool for my birthday tomorrow. i love you all tons and thanks for all the support and prayers. keep on fighting and ill be talking to you all next week.

with much love from mexico,
Elder Maccarthy

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