well for being my birthday week it turned out to be waaay awesome, we had some great experiences. one of the most exciting was that fabiola and her kids, the family that weve been teaching since we showed up, came to church with us on sunday! it was way awesome, theyre progressing really well, and were pretty sure that not in the too distant future there going to be getting baptized. little by little theyre getting their testimonies and building up the courage to get baptized. 

also this past week we started teaching this friend of this brother and we had a way killer first lesson with him. we show up and were teaching and while were teaching and asking him questions he tells us that he doesnt believe in organized religion because its just a trick  by people to get rich off others and that there arent prophets anymore because all that stuff ended with Christ, and so we continue teaching and we get to the part of explaining the first vision and the joseph smith story, and we just knocked the guy out of the park. 

we gave a little background about his story and then i ask him to close his eyes while i read him something and to picture the scene in his mind...and so then i say to him the first vision and the Spirit just flooded into the room and when i finish he just kinda sat there quiet for a minute and then opened his eyes and i testified to him about joseph smith and the first vision and asked him if he believed it happened, he said yes and in that moment my companion invited him to be baptized and he said yes. it was crazy. we ended the lesson and the whole time he just had this puzzled looked on his face and so we explained to him some things and told him to make sure to pray and ask God if its all true and today were going to go with to see how it went. 

there was something else that also happened that was crazy in this lesson but im out of time now so im going to have to tell you all about it next week...dont worry i wont forget. also next week im going to be sending a bunch of pics from my birthday here in mexico. i love you all so much and miss you tons. have a great week and talk to you all soon!

with much love from mexico,
Elder Maccarthy

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