hey everybody this email is going to be a little quick, but i couldnt let 2 weeks pass by without sending home an email. so this past week was pretty hectic. from tuesday till friday i was in patzcuaro with the elders there helping them out. it was super stressful because its an absolute nightmare right now over there haha but i'm hoping that everything gets solutioned now. its a way cool place way. its one of the 11 "pueblos magicos" of michoacan, "pueblo magico" meaning that it has been conserved the same through all the years. so it is the same way that it was 400 years ago, but with a few changes here and there. 

but its way rad there, definitely a place that i want to go back and visit one day, preferably not as a missionary haha because theres a lot to do there. next week i'll send some of the photos that i took there so you can a little of what its like. also this last week we got some nice fun news. friday night we got a phone call from president telling us that we needed to pack our bags and go find a new house because we were getting taken out of the area. and so all day saturday we were running around trying to find a house, and we did, but until we get permission to move in were living in the house of some other elders but it kind of stinks. 

they're going to be sending sister missionaries to our area and we were chased out and sent to go open up another area. its double stressful too because we have to now open up a new area that i don't know and help the hermanas get to know their new area too and ya its stressfull haha. also because we have a baptism lined up for this saturday....but we're not in the area anymore so we have to leave it for the hermanas. thats the biggest bummer for me is leaving behind all of our investigators. because they were progressing really well and we were just getting things going here and now we gotta start again from ground zero haha. 

but oh well i'm looking at the best side of it and looking at what it is that the Lord needs me to learn from this experience. the new hermana thats going to show up is going to have a baptism in her first week in the mission. so that actually does make me happy and glad. but times up for now and we gotta go get to work to see what we can do to get things started here in the new area. a last little shout out to connor for his graduation this week...congratulations buddy! wish i could be there but i'll be there with you in spirit...i'll be sure to celebrate here in mexico for you haha. 

and also happy fathers day dad! i love you and have a great week everyone! adios! sorry this letter was a little short, hopefully next week will be better.

with much love from mexico,
Elder Maccarthy

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