so thankfully i managed to get back here to morelia in time to be able to write you all a quick letter. i got a call last week that i needed to go to guadalajara to sign some papers because one of the secretaries messed up with the visas and lost like 50,000 pesos and so we had to go and resign all of our visa paperwork and also sign a bunch of documents saying that we had nothing to do with the money that was lost. in my personal case i "lost" like 3,500 pesos but thanks to my signature on those papers im off scotch free, because really i had nothing to do with it hahah. 

i really enjoyed the little vacations though because i was able to see alot of the elders from my generation that are going home in november and that i wont be seeing until i get back home in january. and so it was really nice to be able to catch up with all of them and hang out for a little bit. its amazing how i consider them to be way good friends when the majority of them i have barely any time knowing them, but it really is cool how many new friends you make on the mission. but apart from all that stuff all is well and the case is closed and things keep chugging along here in morelia. 

this past week we had some pretty neat experiences. our one investigator thats from california and that i mentioned in my last letter is progressing really well, we had a great lesson with her this last week. the coolest part was how when she first showed up and we started talking with her and i asked her how she had been doing since the last time we saw her and she tells about how she had been thinking alot about getting baptized and how its something she wants to do and that she decided to ask God when she should do it and that she got her answer and it was the 20th of November. 

it was pretty shocking to be honest because not many people do that haha and also because november is a little far away and i in all honestly believe that at this rate that shes going shes going to do it way before the 20th of november. its amazing how much the Lord truly does just prepare people and put them in our path. apart from that though not too much has been going on here. its been really rainy. we painted the dry cleaning shop of a less active hermano and my neck got super sunburnt because i forgot to put sunscreen on my tan line from always wearing collared shirts. hopefully though this upcoming week though ill have some more cool experiences to tell you all so you dont get too bored of my letters. i feel as though they were more exciting at the beginning of my mission so im going to have to step my game up a bit and finish strong haha. 

also cool fact...this saturday im going to be completing 21 months in the mission so everyone go out and eat tacos in my memory. i hope youre all enjoying yourselves back home and getting ready for general conference in a few weeks...im pretty stoked for it because there always so good. have a great week everyone, i love you all and miss you tons!
with much love from mexico,
Elder Maccarthy

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