so we summed up a pretty great week with the visit of Elder Christofferson and Elder De Hoyos yesterday, and it was a pretty impactful visit. it was definitely an experience that i'll remember for the remainder of my life. there were a few things from the conference that really stook out to me that i'd like to share with you all to start this email. 
the zone
one thing that has always impressed me about all the church leaders in general is their character, they have mastered the art of humor and spirituality and i dont really know how to explain what i'm trying to say so im going to write it in spanish and then you guys can translate it...entonces lo que quise decir es que siempre me ha llamado la atencion el comportamiento de los lideres de la iglesia, tienen un don para hacerle reir y tambien reflexionar y recibir inspiracion en uno solo discurso o capacitacion...y en todos los encuentros con lideres de la iglesia que he tenido siempre me ha fijado en esto, la manera en que se llevan ellos. lo tienen perfeccionado. 

my mutant toenail that broke my toenail clippers haha
okay back to english sorry folks haha. another thing that he talked about that really impacted me was that he talked about the process of how missionary calls are made. he talked about the whole process of how the picture pops up of the elder with a little bit of his background, the background of his parents, and other comments made by his bishop and stake president and how upon seeing the picture and reading just the little bio of the elder they receive the revelation of where the elder needs to be. and i think this may have been of the most special parts for me of all the things he said because he then began to testify of the love and personal importance of each and every one of us to our Heavenly Father. that He knows exactly where each one of us needs to serve because he knows who each one of us are and who we can become.

it snowed in morelia!...haha just kidding it only hailed
 he also mentioned how a large part of why God assigns us to the missions that He does, is because of the mission president that we will have. he told us that  just as important as the spiritual experiences we have is the things that we learn from our mission president. 

it made me realize and think about all the experiences and things that i've learned from President Camarillo here in the mission and how impactful the moments i've had with him will be in my life. one of my most fondest and personally sacred experiences that i've had on the mission was in an interview i had with him months ago, and when the Elder Christofferson began to touch this topic it opened my mind up to a whole concept that i had never realized before. there were a few other things that i learned but i'll have to share them at another time because theres other experiences from the week that i'd liked to share with you before i gotta go. 

pizza party in the divisiones with elder ellis
we went this past week with our investigator claudia (the one who let us use her computer to skype) and she began to share with me through tears her apreciation for all of you as my family. she said that she couldnt help but overhear what i said to you guys at the end of the call in spanish and also the emotion in your voices as you said goodbye to me and she said it was something that just really hit her hard. she wanted me to tell you all personally thank you for sending your son away for 2 years to come to mexico to teach people and help them and especially her personally. 

elder tucker!
she wanted me to also let you all you know that she prays you everyday, and she really does haha in every prayer that she does in the lessons with us she mentions a blessing for our families and so i only imagine she does it in her personal prayers too. but she is a really sweet lady, she says that she considers me to be her son haha last night when we got home from guadalajara she invited us over to eat because she made us uchepos and then also this friday shes going to make us bbq ribs, mashed potatoes, and lasagna haha. 
me with elder garcia (the elder i trained) and elder collins (the elder hes training)

this weekend we have planned her baptism too and so were praying that everything works out well with her there. the other story that i wanted to share is a miracle that we were able to see. about 10 days ago this guy approached us in the street and began to talk to us and well i'll tell you what he said to us and the point to wheres hes gotten now in next weeks letter because i gotta go now. sorry haha. 

me with elder garcia (the elder i trained) and elder collins (the elder hes training)
but i hope that you all are doing well and that my prayers in your behalf are reaching each and everyone of you. you all are super awesome and i love each and every one of you and thank you for the support and prayers. take care till next week!
me with elder garcia (the elder i trained) and elder collins (the elder hes training)
with much love from mexico,

     Elder Maccarthy
the picture of the mission with elder christofferson and elder de hoyos...try to find me!

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