happy mexican independence day! its been pure fiesta here in mexico the past few days, i have to admit mexicans sure do know how to party haha. this past weekend i think i easily ate half my body weight in food haha, it was pretty ridiculous. saturday for breakfast we went and ate tacos of barbacoa with consume with an hermano and from there went and ate huevos rancheros and frijoles with an hermana and from there went to the food appointment with the bishops family where we ate pozole verde and from there to a baptismal service where they had picadillo and tostadas and then to wrap it all up we went to another hermanas house and ate pozole rojo. and that was just saturday haha. 

sunday was a little more calm because we only ate ham and grilled cheese sandwiches with an hermana and then went and had a discada and wrapped up the day with some tostadas. i know youre all probably wondering what half of the food i just mentioned is like but dont worry when i get home ill make sure that you all get to try it because its all soooo good haha. oh and also i finally passed the mexican test haha, this past week this hermano took us out to eat a taco restaurant called chemaos and anyways at chemaos they have a salsa thats made with 41 habañeros and is known as "el cuarenta-uno" and its pretty gnarly straight up.

 so gnarly that my companion and the hermano ate like 2 tacos of pastor with the salsa and gave in but, elder maccarthy, representing the good ol U S of A ate 8 tacos of pastor with "el cuarenta-uno". so not only did the USA beat mexico in soccer and boxing this past week, but also in who can eat the most tacos with the hottest salsa in morelia. i cried a little at first because it was way spicy but after the third taco i passed the hard part. go me haha. also this past week we started teaching 2 new people this week who are most likely going to be getting baptized in october. its pretty cool too because theyre both from the u.s.! one of them is from seattle washington and the other is from san bernadino california! it was fun being able to talk to them in english about the states and even better because theyre way receptive and interested. 

the lesson we had with the one girl from california was a total homerun because without even inviting her or mentioning anything she asked us when and what she had to do to get baptized because she feels as though this is the church that God wants her to join and that its His true church...how cool is that? the other girl from seattle was a little more stubborn because shes christian and knows the bible really well and so she was a little doubtful about the whole joseph smith story and the book of mormon, but we were able to clear up all of her doubts and questions and overall helped her understand the importance of prayer in order to be able to receive an answer. so im not even going to worry about her funny ideas because if she prays and asks God sincerely, shell get the answers that shes looking for and those answers will allow her to see the truth in the message that we share. 

we have more appointments with them this upcoming week so ill be sure to inform you all next week on how theyre progressing and if we have more cool experiences in teaching them. things have been going well lately so i hope the flow keeps going like this these last months. i hope you all are well back home and enjoying your time together. i love hearing all the exciting news about all thats happening and keep me informed on all the stuff thats going down. i love you all and have a great week!
with much love from mexico,
Elder Maccarthy

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