so sorry that my email is getting to you all a week late, ive been in the hospital for the past two days with my companion and right now ill explain the whole story. 

so saturday night my companion started to feel alot of pain in his lower back, but didnt make anything of it and decided to just go to bed and try and sleep it off. and so anyways the next morning he wakes up and he cant move without feeling sharp pain in his lower back. so after waiting a while to see if the pain would go away we called up the mission presidents wife to see what we should do about it. she told us to go immediately to the hospital, because at best it had something to do with his kidneys. 

so we head to the hospital and we see the doctor and they do some tests to see whats up with him and they end up just hurting him more haha and so they decide to give him some horse tranquilizers to take away the pain, and so they stick a needle in his butt and tell him that if the shot doesnt help take away his pain that theyre going to take him into emergenicies. and so we waited for about a half hour in the office and he was still in a bunch of pain, so they took him into emergencies and hooked him up with an IV and just started injecting him with a bunch of pain killers. 

we lasted about 2 hrs waiting there till the trauma doctor showed up and starting seeing what was up with my companion, sent him to go get xrays taken and in the end of it all came to the conclusion that the muscles in his lower back were extremely inflamed and that it was pinching nerves and doing stuff like that. so they gave him some more injections of muscle relaxants and told us that my we were going to spending the night there in the hospital until the muscles disinflated. and so anyways just barely yesterday at about 730 they released us after being there since 10 oclock sunday morning. the experience increased my dislike of hospitals haha. but so ya that was the story behind the reason for why i didnt write yesterday. 

apart from that experience though we had a pretty laid back week. on tuesday and wednesday we were in guadalajara for the monthly leadership councils, so we got a little bit of vacation time in haha. and then also on friday we had a zone conference and president decided to make a surprise visit to the meeting and make sure that we were doing it correctly, most of the elders were a little freaked out but ive learned in the mission to just keep it cool and like always everything turned out perfectly and he told us that he really liked it. so that was good. 

this week also is going to be hectic because president is coming to do interviews with the zone and meetings with the  stake leaders and so all day today and tomorrow were going to be busy helping with the interviews and in meetings. woohoo. crazy how another month is in the books and were now starting up august, its crazy how fast time is just flying by. i hope youre all well and that youre enjoying your last couple of weeks of summer vacation, take care and i love you all tons and very thankful for all the support and prayers. have a great week!

with much love from mexico, 
Elder Maccarthy

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