so this past week was pretty cool, on friday we had a conference with elder toris from the area seventy and it was way awesome. i swear one of the things that im really going to miss about the mission is being able to go to conferences like these with the general authoritites, its definitely one of the cooler priviledges of being a missionary. he talked about alot of cool things, alot of things that motivated me and helped take another angle into these next few weeks and my first few weeks home. there was really so much that he talked about that i liked that i dont really know how to sum it up right now haha. 

he talked alot about how everything that happens to us in the mission is really to prepare us for our lives after the mission and so it was really helpful for me to be able to take a few minutes the night of the conference to reflect on all the things that ive lived and learned in my mission and thinking about how its all going to be helpful in my life and its really quite astonishing. i really have learned alot, and i personally dont really notice much of the changes in myself, but im sure that its going to be more interesting for all of you to see the changes that have happened in the last 2 years. 

it was fun to read connors email from this past week and remember those first few months  in the mission and the time spent in the mtc. all i can say is that its been some good times. also this past week we had a pretty cool experience, so after a meeting that we had we went to go buy ice cream and we were sitting in a park outside of our house eating when these two kids come up to us and start talking to us and what not...they ask us what we do and we start with some small talk and then one of them asks us where were from and i say california and the other elders too and then one of the kids asks  us if any of us know how to skateboard (because theres always a huge group of kids that skate there in the park) and my companions say yeah he does pointing to me haha and i was like crap and telling them no i dont, but they insisted and so i gave in and started just cruising around and even though its been 2 years i still had it in me and so then the kids called all their buddies over and we were talking and stuff and well long story short is that we came to the agreement that if i can beat them in a game of s.k.a.t.e then theyre all going to have to go to the church with us and listen to the missionary lessons ahah it was pretty cool, now days you have to be  a little more creative to find people to teach because we cant knock doors or contact in the streets anymore so we gotta find people anyway we can. but it was a pretty funny experience, never thought itd come in handy in the mission. 

but yeah other than that the week was pretty calm, nothing much too new pretty much just same stuff haha. but this week should be good, we have the christmas activity on thursday and im looking forward to it because im oging to be able to see some of the mission buddies and its always a good time. alrighty well i have to go now, have a great week everyone, i love you all tons and hope that your all well! take care!

with much love from mexico, 
Elder Maccarthy

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