so this last week was pretty eventful, things are starting to get back into the groove in terms of having interesting things to write you all in my weekly emails haha. once again this past week i found myself with a foot doctor to get my third and hopefully last ingrown toenail removed. id had it for 2 months now and it was killing me so i had to go in and go through the whole process again. it wasnt very fun haha but this time they didnt throw away the ingrown toenail and i asked for it to keep it as a reminder of the mission haha. but all is good now and my toe is better so no worries. 

also our investigator is progressing really well, were getting her ready for her baptism the 7th of september, and shes a really rad old lady haha. totally old school. also this past week we had planned to do an open house in our chapel, and wed been planning it for like 3 weeks and inviting everyone we knew, and basically we were just really stoked about it all. and about 15 minutes before we started the open house, it just starting raining suuuuuper hard core, and it was like crap, this isnt good haha but we tried to stay positive and think no worries in a few minutes its going to pass, but nope haha it kept raining and raining and the streets all flooded and everyone we called to remind of the activity was basically just like you guys are crazy were not going to be able to make it, so it was kind of a bummer that it totally fell through but its all good because were planning on doing another one soon and this time were going to check the weather report before hand haha. 

also this week is leadership councils again so were going to be traveling to guadalajara for vacations haha im excited because elder garcia was invited to attend and so im going to be able to see him there so thats exciting. also its going to be the last council with all the zone leader buddies because alot of them are going to be getting reassinged in these upcoming changes. also as of right now elder turner and i are the only elders that are staying till january, the rest of the elders from my generation are going in november. its going to be a bummer not being with them at the end of it all, but its all good because its going to be worth it to stay. i hope all is well back home and that you all are doing well. take care and ill be talking to you next week!

with much love from mexico,
Elder Maccarthy

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