so for the first time in weeks, i have to time to write an email haha. things have been super busy and crazy lately, sorry that it has effected the letters home. anyways though here is a quick overview of whats gone down in the past few weeks, like the top 10 highlights on sports central haha. 

the 15th of june our investigador claudia got baptized! it was a total miracle with her. a few sundays ago after she had been out of town for about a week she just apporached us in church and said elders i need to get baptized the soonest possible, when can i get baptized? and so we were totally blown away by that but she said that she was reading in mosiah 18 and when she read the part where it asks what impedes you from being baptized basically she said that just all of a sudden she knew that it was what she needed to do and she didnt want to wait any longer. 

it was a way cool testimony builder because i had been praying day and night that wed be able to see a miracle with her and that shed get baptized. and so prepared we prepared everything and she got baptized on saturday the 15th. and from her baptism she has introduced us to 2 friends that now also want to get baptized, so were pretty happy with that. were still working with our other investigador mario, little by little letting the Lord work the kinks out of him haha. to be honest we've had so many great experiences with this guy its impossible that he wont get baptized. we just got to help him out with some addictions. 

but anyways a cool experience i want to share that we had with him. so we went with him to see go over agian the word of wisdom and to see how hes been progressing with living it. and so we taught a super powerful lesson and at the end we offered to give him a blessing so that he would be able to live this commandment. he accepted and we put our hands upon his head and began to give him the blessing when the strangest thing happened, something that i've never experienced nor will be able to forget. as the blessing was pronounced that he would be able to rid his body of such addictions and vices and that he would be able to repel them, out of nowhere the room began to fill with a strong smell of cigarette smoke and alcohol and it continued like that for awhile as we gave him the blessing but then as we were finishing it the smell went away. 

and anyways since the blessing he has not drunk alcohol and has only smoked 2 cigarettes. and this was 2 weeks ago. and so it was personally a way cool experience to see the true power of the priesthood at work and that the Lord still does work miracles. i've given many similar blessings to people here in the mission, but never have i experienced something like that, as if the addiction itself was literally taken away from him in that instant. pretty cool huh? 

i cant really remember of the other things that have happened in the past few weeks, i'll think about it this week and write some down for next weeeks email, becuase time is up now haha. i hope that you all are now enjoying your summer vacations and thanks for all the support and love. i really do appreciate it. be looking forward to some photos here soon, ill be sending some next week. alright well have a great week everyone, i love you all and take care!
with much love form mexico,
Elder Maccarthy

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