Guadalajara: 3/4/13

so things continue going great here in good ol apatzingan, we are seeing lots of progression in the work. the folks out in herendira are progressing very well, this past week we scoped out a few spots for the eventual place for sunday services and we found some pretty promising ones and so were way started to get the ball rolling out there and get the branch up and running. 

the first batch of the people out there have their baptismal dates for the 16th of this month. this last week we taught them the message of the restoration and after having taught the lesson we gave them all Book of Mormons and it was so cool to see how they treated the books, as if they were made out of the finest materials and of very high value. the people out there are very simple and humble, but extremely receptive to everything we have taught them. also things here in the city are going great too. elder garcia and i have been on a roll here of coming across miracles. this saturday we will be having the baptismal services of two of these miracles.

i'll give you a brief review in this email and then a little more information in the following email next week. one is of this lady named maria victoria who a member requested that we give a blessing to, and after the blessing we started talking to her and sure enough the spirit must have touched her because ever since shes been progressing super well and will be getting baptized this saturday. just goes to show you the true power behind the priesthood that we have in this church, makes me think of all the people that were converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ by the miracles that He performed while He was here upon the earth. it is a true testimony builder for me, of the priesthood that i hold and the power it has when used in righteousness to bless others. its an invitation to all you priesthood holders to never forget the power that you have to bless the lives of those whom you serve. 

the other miracle that we had was that there is this one kid thats been coming to church with his uncle for about a month now and we finally got around to talking to the kid this past week and sure enough he is not baptized and so he also will be getting baptized this upcoming saturday. so were pretty stoked about all the help were receiving from the Lord here in our area, its a true testimony of the importance of this work that we are doing. we are living the completion of the words of the Lord found in Doctrine and Covenants 88:73. read it and youll understand haha. have a great week everyone and may God bless you all abundantly in your lives. 

i'll been talking to you all again in no time with great news of what will go down this week. have a wonderful week everyone i love you all tons :)

with much love from mexico
Elder Maccarthy

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