Guadalajara: 2/4/13 + Why There Are No Pictures

so i've got a lot of stories to tell seeing as how i didn't have a lot of time last week to send my email so i'm going to jump straight into it. so as i mentioned in the last email i'm training now and so last monday i had to go to guadalajara to go pick up my new companion. 

anyways so the central of autobuses is in my old area and so when we showed up i was all antsy hoping that i'd see someone i knew or just recognize anyone really. and so while we were walking down the street to go catch the bus i was keeping my eyes peeled for people i knew, when a bus drove past us and in it were some of the youth from the ward and they were waving at me from the bus and i saw them and waved back but the bus kept going and so it was cool to see them and the other elders with me were asking me who that was and i told em who, when to my surprise running down the street towards us come the 4 youth that were in the bus! they ran up to us and the two that are young men gave me big old hugs and the two young women shook my hand ...haha... but it was just way cool that first of all they recognized me as they were passing in the bus and that they got off the bus to come say hi to me. i left central about 6 months and they still remember me so that made me feel special ...haha... but ya so we talked about how they were doing, hows their parents, the ward, everything ...haha... and it was just great to be honest, made my day without a doubt. 

also because i found out that one of my converts is getting everything lined up to go on his mission and that when he completes a year in april he is going to leave right away on the mission! my dream has become even more magnificent and outstanding thinking that i'll be able to serve in this marvelous work with a convert of mine and my little brother. the thing better than that will be going to the sealing sessions in one of some of my other recent baptisms. the mission rocks! also in regards to how the training is going, its a way cool experience. 

the missionary i'm training is named elder garcia from panaco vera cruz, and it's definitely a different experience ...haha... after going from being with elders that have time in the mission to someone who has no idea whats what is an interesting experience for me and i'm really learning a lot from it. this past week we had the opportunity to fast for one of our investigators too and it turned out having amazing results. just a week ago she was telling us she doesn't feel 100% sure about her baptism and wants to wait more time...and then just yesterday we went to go talk to her and she told us that shes ready to get baptized and that she is for sure going to get baptized this month and so that was way cool to see the power of prayer and fasting. 

also we found tons of new people this week that accepted baptismal invitations in the first visit and so apatzingan is on fire right now haha! i have to go now though because time ran out unfortunately and i had some more stuff too tell but its okay because i still have next to email. i hope all is going well for you guys back home and that you were all able to enjoy the superbowl...i'll be there for the next one to enjoy it with you guys ...haha... i love you all tons and i'm stoked to hear about all the great stuff thats happening in your lives and how you're all being blessed. have a great week and i love you and appreciate all the support and prayers in my behalf! take care everyone!
with much love from mexico,
Elder Maccarthy

p.s. sorry i havent sent pictures in awhile my little adapter thingy has a virus and so i cant send pics for the moment but im hoping that ill be able to send some here soon

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