Guadalajara: 12/17/12 + An Early Merry Christmas!

had some miracle filled couple days just this past week. first i want to share with you though a message that our recent baptism sent to us the other day, youll have to translate it into english but anyways it reads "muchachos no les he dado las gracias por ayudarme con mi tristeza de verdad ustedes han sido un gran apoyo para mi que Dios los cuide siempre a donde quiera que vayan muchas gracias de verdad por tener tanta paciencia con migo y no dejarme sola que Dios los bendiga siempre"....that my friends just about sums up why being a missionary is the best thing in world. to be able to be part of such big changes in peoples lives is something that doesnt have words to describe its just so wonderful. especially when you come to love these people and see them grow and begin to live the commandments and receive blessings from our Heavenly Father is just amazing. it just reaffirms my feelings of never wanting to come home haha. 

us singing at the ward christmas activity

also this past week we had another little miracle happen that came as a result of serving others. elder nielson and i were headed to a lesson out in a little colonia in our area and we were running a little late when we came across a family carrying a few strollers and other little carts across a river bed. im gonna pause real quick and explain a little more about the location haha so in order to get to this one colonia theres this river that you have to cross and well you have to scale this janky little road down a hill side of just grossness and then cross a river and then scale up another janky roady filled with this boulders you gotta climb up, i know sounds like an india jones movie huh haha. but anyways so now you got the picture, and so i continue. 

so we see this family crossing this river with their stuff and so i tell to elder nielson hey lets go help those people out and so he says okay and we beebop down the side of the river as fast as we can and run up to family ask them if theyd like some help they said sure and we began carrying their possesions up the other side of the river and up into the clearing. it was 2 parents and then about 5 or so kids. and so upon getting all their stuff up onto the other side of the river and into the trail leading up to the colonia the father of the father asks us who we are and so we began to tell him exactly who we are and the marvelous work that we do. he told us that he wanted us to come talk to him and his family because he felt he needs to hear what we have to say. 

the primary kids here in apatzingan

we put an appointment with them and will be visiting them this week. it was an opportunity that elder nielson and i didnt plan for or expect, we very well could have just focused on getting to the lesson as quick as possible and never taken the extra time to help this family, but without even thinking that the father would invite us to go teach him and his family we went and helped them. just goes to show you that truly if were doing everything that we should be doing in our lives and pray for opportunities to share this gospel with others, the Lord WILL put people in our path who he is preparing to listen to this message. we still have yet to really see how the family is but from the little that we were able to talk with them and the spirit that was felt, we both felt that there may be something that comes out of this encounter. 

tie trade with hermano horacio

i invite you all this week to pay special attent and aware for an opportunity to serve somebody this week, and if it comes to it, dont be afraid to share your testimony with them and ask if theyd like to listen to the missionaries. if you do it with sincere intent i know that the Lord will give you an opportunity. we also had our wards christmas party this past saturday. it was great. the other elders and i dressed up like the wise men and sang a few christmas hymns, the ward loved it haha, they were all over the place taking pictures and videos with us, it was a way great experience. it was also double good because we got alot of great references out of the activity haha. however thats another story for another email time haha because i gotta get going now. 

i hope however that you all are able to really tap into the true spirit of christmas this year and recognize the importance and significance of some of the greater gifts that we have been given. i love you all and wish you all a wonderful christmas season, and ill be talking to you all again on christmas eve! have a great week!

a primary kid and i at the ward christmas party

much love from mexico,
Elder Maccarthy 

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