Guadalajara: 2/11/13 + A New Companion

well sounds like its been quite the eventful week back in the stake. congratulations james on your mission call, i'm super stoked for you it's way sweet. the mission is by far the best thing thats ever happened to me, and i know your mission will be the same for you. your gonna love it and totally tear it up. here in apatzingan we had a pretty awesome and special week, especially for elder garcia because he had his first baptism! 

it was super sweet, we baptized these two kids and they were total miracle baptisms ...haha... all week long they were telling us how they weren't sure about their baptisms and didn't think they wanted to do it anymore but we just kept the faith and kept insisting with them and teaching them and sure enough friday night rolls around and we show up to do their baptismal interviews and from the time we showed up till when we left they had a complete 180 change of mind. leaving the interviews they were super stoked and excited for their baptisms the following day. just goes to show you that the Lord really does listen to our prayers and sometimes its not till the very last moments when we see the miracle.

 like it mentions in Ether you dont get the testimony until after the test of your faith, and its something that i have definitely learned here in the mission. even when it appears as though there is no way its going to turn out how you want and you feel like your prayers are going unaswered, you have to just replace those negative thoughts, and say were gonna do it! and then keep chugging along with that hope, and well from what i've experienced it always turns out good in the end of it all. 

also suuuuper duper excited because this weekend is the baptism of one of our investigators, a lady who we've been teaching since september, and well after many prayers, fasts, frustrations, and overall just hard work she is ready. i think of all the people i've met and taught shes one of the most specials. she has such a rad strong testimony and i'm way stoked for her and that shes decided to get baptized. i'll be sure to let you all know how the baptism goes because i know it will be very special. 

we also saw some little mini miracles this past week. first one: so theres this lady that were teaching that left to go out of town and so we've been calling her house to see if shes showed up yet and so anyways the other day i called her house and someone answered the phone who i thought was her and so i got all excited and was like hey hows it going when can we come by and all that missionary stuff ...haha... and so we set up an appt to stop by the following day and so we show up the next day and knock on the door and her sister answers it and so we ask if alondras home, she says no shes in lazaro cardenas right now, and i was caught a little off guard because i thought i had just talked her last night and so i told the sister i had just talked to her last night and she said nooooo that was me ...haha... and so i was like crap because the lady is super golden and we need to see her because were preparing her for her baptism, but since alondra wasnt there i ask the sister if shes busy right now, says no, and so we end up teaching her and putting a fecha bautismal with her for march! it was just cool seeing how the Lord truly does put those who he is preparing in our camino to teach and help, because we went to her house planning to talk to alondra, but ending up finding her sister who also is being prepared by the Lord to be baptized. how cool is that ...haha... i love missionary work.

miracle number 2: so were walking down the street and pass by this house with a kid sitting outside and after passing the house we stop and decided to go back to the house and contact the kid, so we head back up the street to where he is sitting and start talking to him and turns out its this kid who the elders had taught in the past but stopped passing by years ago when apatzingan was closed and so we started teacing him and turns out hes already read the book of mormon, has an excellent memory and remembers a ton of stuff, and also accepted to be baptized right there in the first visit. i love being a missionary and being able to see the Lord work miracles through me and truly see him guiding me to the people he is preparing as long i'm working hard and being obedient. its so awesome i just love it. being a missionary is definitely the best thing anybody could ever do. this past year is full of experiences that willl change my life forever and that i will never forget. this is the best thing i have ever done and i am so excited so for all the young men who are  preparing to enter the mission fields themselves. it definitely lives up to all the hype ...haha... 

i love you all so much and dont worry about me or miss me too much because im having the time of my life here in mexico. i absolutely love it. take care everyone and thanks for all the prayers and support, i hope you all have a great week and happy valentines day!

with much love from mexico,
Elder Maccarthy

p.s. send elder garcia some emails....his family doesnt write him and hes a little down in the dumps....hed really appreciate anything and i'd appreciate it a ton too if you guys could show him some love because hes a great elder....thanks guys :)

If you would like to write Elder Garcia, comment below and I can send you his email address.

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