Guadalajara: 1/14/13

so i gotta say this past week was a pretty miracle filled week haha. which i think is kind of funny because in last weeks email i apologized for the lack of substance in the email, and now i'm worrying about not having enough time to write about everything that happened this last week! so i'm gonna share what the time allows me too and save the others for next week. so this last monday we were on our way back from visiting with these 2 kids that we were getting ready for baptism, and while we were on our way home after the appt. we saw the grandma of the kids in the street and so we walked over to talk with her and tell her how we just got done talking to her grand sons and how excited and ready they were for their baptisms. 

anyways so as we began talking to her she begins to tell us about we should stop coming by to teach the kids because right now there's a bunch of family problems and she feels like we'd just be wasting our time stopping by because of the issues. and she mentioned too that because of the problems going on she wasn't too sure if they would be able to get baptized still. we weren't shaken by it though, we just told the grandma to calm down and to go home and say a prayer and that we'd be stopping by tomorrow and that the most important thing these kids could do would be to get baptized. when we got home we said a prayer for the kids and that everything would work out fine so they'd be able to get baptized that weekend and so we stopped by the next day and sure enough just as we had expected the situation had all calmed down and the kids were back on track for getting baptized haha. 

we continued stopping by with the kids throughout the week and every time they asked us how many hours they had left till their baptisms on saturday haha it was way cool. and then saturday rolled around and it was time for their baptisms and they were so stoked out of their minds it was so rad. it was also possibly one of the most special baptisms i've ever had...the spirit that was felt there was so strong and there were many a teary eye in the room as we listened to the humble prayers and testimonies of these little 9 yr old kids. really made me appreciate and understand  the importance of little kids to our Heavenly Father and Christ, and i know that there prayers never go without being answered or listened too. 

to help you understand a little bit of how strong the spirit truly was in this baptism service, i'll let you know of another little miracle that we had. after the baptism this other kid that we just barely started teaching came up to us and told us that he wants to get baptized and so we asked him when he'd like to do it and he said as soon as we could and so we invited him to get baptized this weekend (19th) and he agreed. we had hardly even taught the kid about baptism, but we knew that in that baptismal service he felt and recognized the spirit testifying to him of the importance of baptism. so now were gonna be baptizing this kid this weekend and were way pumped haha. 

okay so miracle number 3. this last tuesday after we were walking down the street to an appt. when this taxi passes us and then makes a u turn and pulls up next to us, the lady in the taxi rolls down her window and starts calling us over haha and so we go over to see what she wants, because she was calling us by elders so we knew she wasn't just harassing us haha, and so i walk up to her window and she says "elders may God bless you and protect you for your service as missionaries, take this for the buses" and handed me a folded up bill and then drove off. it was a total of about 10 seconds haha. but after she had drove off elder nielson and i were left a little surprised once we realized what she had given us. 

when she offered me the folded up bill i accepted it because at first glance i thought it was a 100 pesos but then upon further inspection we realized that she had given 500 pesos! some random lady in a taxi drove by in a taxi and then came back to give us 500 pesos for "buses" and then drove off. where she came from, where she went, and what prompted her to do that are unknown to us but it truly was one of those experiences that only happen on the mission haha. 

the last two experiences i'm going to have to save for next week because i'm now out of time so sorry about that folks, but they're really good so be looking forward to a great email this upcoming week haha. hope you are all doing well back in the mother land and that you're able to enjoy of the wonderful blessings offered to us through the restoration of the church of Jesus Christ! i love you and have a great week everyone!

much love from mexico,
Elder Maccarthy

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