Guadalajara: 12/10/12

it seems as though the christmas spirit is really kicking in down here in apatzingan haha all the people the Lord has been preparing are starting to come out of the wood works haha. this past week we came across 2 families, and then a bunch of other people that are interested in hearing more and accepting the discussions, not perfect golden investigadores haha but im happy with just being to teach people again. it was making me wonder though where these people have been for the last couple months when we hardly had anyone to teach haha and then i just remember that it simply wasnt their time and that they still required a little bit of preparation. so im really stoked on that. also yesterday this family of menos activos showed up to church after about 3 months of us stopping by and working with them...and well to be honest i think that was one of the highlights of my week, standing there in the entry way of the church greeting everyone coming in and then seeing them walk in the door my heart leaped and im sure i just got this big dorky smile on my face but i was so happy to see them there in the church after all those visits with them and ya it was just great :) 

all these things that are starting to happen here in my mission are showing me the real true meaning behind the phrase "endure to the end" because for so long nothing was going how we wanted and there were a few times where it just really stunk and we didnt know what more to do. but with faith diligence and good attitudes we kept chugging along and doing what we needed to do and trusting in the Lord that he would in fact give us more blessings in his own due time. theres still tons of work to be done, and its definitely no time to kick back and relax, but it is nice feeling like we got over the worst part haha. 

i read a really cool scripture once while studying alma 26 when were struggling here in our area, and a verse that really stuck out to me was verse 27, and well ill let you all read and im sure youll be able to understand why it had such an impact. i cant even mention how many days we had of just sweating to death getting scorched by the sund and walking from one place to the next without finding anyone to just return to the house and reflect on what we can do better and keep the faith that tomorrow will be a better day. and just like it says in verse 27, you just gotta get back out there and bear it all with patience and one day he will give us success, when he knows, but he will give it to you haha. also some other really cool scriptures that i came across that called my attention are found in mosiah 24 verses 12-16. likewise with these scriptures im sure you can see the application to enduring to the end. 

but i especially like what it says in 14 about how a reason why we pass through trials sometimes is so that one day we can ourselves can stand as a testimony that the Lord helps his people in their trials, and that one day the lessons we learned will fill a bigger purpose and maybe even help somebody else. i hope that one day these things i have learned and experienced will be of some value to help someone else. i hope that you all have a wonderful week and are taking advantage of this great holiday season and the great opportunities it gives us to share the gospel with those around us. because everyday we pass by hundreds of people that could be prepared and ready to accept this gospel, we just have to give open our mouths and give them the chance.

i wish you all the best in your efforts in sharing this gospel and know youll be blessed for it :) have a great week everyone and until the next one.

much love from mexico,
Elder Maccarthy

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