Guadalajara: 2/18/13 + A Very Special Baptism

this past weekend i had one of the greatest experiences of my mission...the baptism of one of my investigators. we began teaching her way back in the beginning of september and this saturday i had the priviledge to see her get baptized. it was six months full of prayers fasting frustration and lots of faith haha. the greatest part of all of it was being able to see her testimony grow and watch her get strengthened spiritually visit by visit. 

just about a month ago she told us that she wouldnt be getting baptized till the end of the year because she had received her answer from the Lord that he was preparing her little by little for her baptism and that she wasnt going to get baptized any tme soon, but that one day yes she would get baptized. and well to her surprise the Lord actually had different plans for her haha and this last saturday got baptized. im out of internet time though haha and so i gotta go but in the following email ill throw in some more details of some of the experiences i had while teaching her. 

sorry i gotta go and that this email was short but ill be sure to satisfy your missionary experiences needs the following week. i love you guys and hope that all is well back in your homes. have a great week everyone and i love you all and grateful for all of your support and  prayers! take care until next monday!

with much love from mexico,
Elder Maccarthy

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