Guadalajara: 1/28/13

this weeks email is going to be a little short sorry, i'm a little short on time today. but anyways this last week was a nightmare of traveling around from place to place ...haha... in the past 7 days ive spent something around 26 hrs in a bus! but amidst all that it was a pretty good week. 

on thursday and friday we had a leadership training and it was way cool, learned lots of great new stuff to start applying to the mission work here in my area that is going to be help us help even more people in apatzingan! it was also nice because it focused a lot on getting back to the basics of missionary work and doing what we were taught to do since we showed up in the mission field. also this past sunday we traveled to uruapan for a multistake conference broadcast that the first presidency did for mexico. 

it was really cool because when president uchtdorf spoke he spoke in spanish and ya it was just really cool hearing him and some of the other authorities that spoke speak spanish. and then right now im in guadalajara because im going to be training so i came to pick up my hijo and take him on down to tierra caliente ...haha... but ya i dont have a lot of time to write because i showed up from apatzingan just a little while ago and we got to be in the offices here soon to pick up the new elders. so sorry but this email will be a little short. the next email will be a lot better because i have some cool stories to tell you all but i just dont have the time right now sorry because i gotta go get my companion. but i love you all and hope you all have a fantastic week and enjoy the superbowl for me eh!!

with much love from mexico,
Elder Maccarthy

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