Guadalajara: 2/25/13

so because last time i didnt write very much i decided that this week before i do anything else im going to write my email so i dont leave you guys hanging anymore because i have had some cool experiences as of late that i havent shared. so as i mentioned in last weeks email we had the baptism of a lady that had been in teaching since september. and well she had a conversion that was literally a miracle haha. 

in the end of january she told us in one of our appts with her that she going to get baptized and she received her answer from the Lord that she needed to get baptized and that this was the true church...but that she had also received the answer that Lord was preparing her little by little and that she didnt plan on getting baptized till the end of the year. and well when we heard that we were a little floored and confused because, we didnt want to tell her that the answer she received to her prayers was wrong haha but we just took it for what it was and kept working with her. and well after fasting and praying and working a ton with her, we got her to accept a baptismal date in february but she still said that she wasnt 100% sure and that she'd think about it and see. and well little by little we went getting her pumped up and ready for her baptism when the big surprise comes. 

we stop by her house one night for an appt and we start the lesson and all and everything is going good, and well we get to the point where its obvious that we want to know how shes feeling about her baptism and so i ask her haha and she laughs and smiles and ready, i wanna get baptized next weekend. when i heard her tell us these words i cannot explain the excitement and just rush of feelings that came over made me so happy ...haha... but as with everyone that tries to do things right in this life, el chamuco got involved and made her start to doubt if she was really ready, and that she didnt have a testimony and all that kind of stuff. and so the day before her baptism we show up to talk with her and she relates to us the following experience...the night before she couldnt sleep because she was really nervous about her baptism because she felt like she didnt have a testimony still of the church and of the restoration of the gospel and that it was just really tormenting her mind. 

and so she decided to say a prayer and read the book of mormon to help ease her mind and take out these feelings. and so she kneels and says a prayer, askind God to let her know if she was doing the right thing because she wanted to get baptized and follow his commandments and she just wanted to know if she was doing the right thing and for him to give her an answer...and upon finishing her prayer she grabs her book of mormon and opens it 3 Nephi 22 and how as she read this chapter the Lord spoke to her literally and received the answer that she was looking for. she later shared this story in her testimony that she gave after she was baptized in her baptismal service and the spirit that was felt as she shared this sacred personal experience of hers brought tears to my eyes. she obtained more than just the testimony that she was looking for but she became converted to the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and it was an unforgettable experience for everyone. how grateful i am to my Heavenly Father for allowing me to have had the priviledge to teach and help this daughter of his. I'll never forget it. 

so that was the story that i wanted to share with you guys last week and now im going to move on to the great news from this week. so this past thursday elder garcia and i made a step that will change the history of the church here apatzingan. we went out to this pueblito thats called herendira and taught a family home evening about the plan of salvation and it turned out awesome. the reason why it made a step towards changing history was because we were the first missionaries that these people had ever seen or met, and the first time they heard about La Iglesia de Jesucristo de Los Santos de los Ultimos Días and that once again the church of Christ has been restored upon the earth. 

it was a really humbling experience for me because the majority of people have heard about the church and to be able to teach and meet people that this was their first time was something way special. upon ending the family home evening, four of the people present approached us and asked us what they needed to do in order to become part of this church and in that moment we committed them to be baptized and they accepted. one of these men that accepted lives in another pueblito a distance away and he was so impressed by the spirit as he listened to the message that we shared that he told us that he wanted his family to hear us and asked if wed be able to come to his house and bless his wife that couldnt make it that evening because of a sickness that she has. we told him of course and we made plans to go visit them this upcoming week. 

in total from this appointment alone we placed 4 baptismal dates and received references to teach 3 new families and in total about 20 new people...upon sharing this information with the bishop and stake president...plans are being made to start a branch out there once we begin baptizing and that within the year were probably going to see apatzingan get turned into a stake! the work of the Lord is moving forward with speed and promises of old really are coming true! zion is being established in all places and every kindred tongue and people are receiving the blessings of this grand restoration of the truth! i cannot express the blessing it is to be a part of the Lords chosen servants in these last days...we truly are preparing the world for the second coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! 

I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!! the happiness and joy that comes from being here in this area at this moment carrying out the Lords work is the best thing that has ever happened to me. i never want this to end. my dear friends who are reading this email wherever you may be...this is the true church of Jesus Christ and he is calling together his chosen people and he has called us to help in this great work...the work of the Lord is moving on and we have the great blessing to have a part in it. dont disappriciate the great latter day calling that each and every one of us have to teach share this message. 

i love you all and thank you personally for the prayers and support for me and all the other missionaries in the world. its greatly appreciated. i hope that you all have a great week and that the Lord blesses you abundantly in your lives for your faithfulness and obedience.

with much love from mexico,
Elder Maccarthy

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