Guadalajara: 3/11/13

so we had a pretty amazing week just recently, we saw some more miracles and blessings. first off we had the baptismal service of 3 of our investigadores, we had planned for only 2 but we saw a miracle with the third. her original baptismal date was for the 23 of this month but we decided to ask her how she felt about getting baptized sooner than that because she is been progressing super fast and so we brought it up to her and she seemed a little hesitant because she wanted to get baptized with her sister that day and after talking with her and the sister, we told her we'll we invite you to pray about it tonight and we'll stop by tomorrow to see how it went, and left it at that 

and the following day we stopped by and asked her how it went...and she told us well so i was thinking about it all last night and i had alot of thoughts about my baptism, but i did like you told me and i prayed and i got my answer, God wants me to get baptized this saturday. it was a pretty cool experience to see how the Lord really does answer our prayers and knows when were ready to receive and do certain things. she also explained to us how her family members had been trying to make her think twice about it and stuff like that but she just laid it down on them and told them what was up and how the Lord told her to do this and hearing her tell us about it was like listening to a modern day Nephi haha i will go and do! so that was a pretty cool experience. 

another little miracle that we saw in the baptismal service that we during the service while they were all changing clothes after the ordinances we put on a movie about the plan of salvation and eternal families. as i observed the faces of the people as they watched the video there were many teary eyes and the Spirit was definitely present in the occasion. after the service we were talking with the mom of one of the ladies that got baptized and she told us about how much she liked the baptism and especially the movie and then began to cry as she explained to us how she had lost 3 children and that when she heard that she could see them and live with them again she felt like a new hope came into her life and we testified to her of the truthfullness of this plan and she told us she would love to know more about how she could achieve this and so we are going be stopping by to start teaching her this week, and it was just a way spiritual and cool experience. 

its amazing how the Lord just places right in our path who he has prepared and trusts in us to take of them, i'm extremely grateful for the trust that the Lord has in me to take care of his children her in apatzingan. i'm thankful for the knowledge of the great plan of happiness in our lives and that the Lord has once again restored to keys of the priesthood to carry out such ordinances such as eternal families. i'm so greatful for all the great experiences and blessings that he has given me in these short 14 months i have in his is the best thing ever. i hope you all likewise seeing the great blessings of this restored gospel...sorry that this email was a little short but i love you all and am thankful likewise for all of your support. i love you all and have a great week!

with much love from mexico,
Elder Maccarthy

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