Guadalajara: 12/24/12 + THE YEAR MARK!

had a pretty good pre christmas here in apatzingan. this past thursday we had a christmas party in zamora with all the elders from zones of uruapan and zamora 1 and zamora 2. it was actually a fun experience, hanging out and just having a good time here with all the mission buds. we had a gift exchange too where everbody had to give something hand made and so i painted a white tie with water color paints (it turned out way cool, i was sad to give it away) and an hermana ended up getting it haha i was a little bummed cuz its way cool and who knows if she'll ever use it but oh well she deserved it haha. 
me with sister davalos and the president's daughter...oddly enough an hermana got my tie in the gift exchange haha

and then i got a tie made out of bus tickets from this one elder, he had been saving the bus tickets for the last 8 months so there was alot of love put into this gift haha. everyone said it was the perfect gift for me because im known for my unique one off ties and this one really compliments my collection haha. so ya i wa so stoked to get it. 

what i got in the gift exchange...a tie made out of bus tickets from elder clawson haha
also had a pretty cool experience while teaching this family the other it was that one family that i had mentioned in my last email that asked us to come back and talk to them after we helped them carry their stuff...anyways so we were there talking to them and teaching about the restoration. they were having a little bit of hard time staying focused because of the distraction of little ones running around and stuff but once we got to the part of the lesson where we share about the restoration through the prophet joseph smith everything calmed down and the spirit just flooded into the lesson and the dad of the family told everyone to sush because it was getting emotional and so i told them to look at the picture of the first vision while i recounted them the experience that joseph had and i shared with them the first vision a special atmosphere and spirit just fell over all of us.

the christmas elders...elder for, me, elder turner, and elder borsch...we complete a year this week!
the family was impacted by the message of the restoration and how it can help them as a family and they asked us before we even finished the lesson when we were going to be coming back to teach them more haha. its amazing how the lord truely does put the people he is preparing in our paths to receive us. 

this email is going to be a little short just because im a little pressed for time today and because im going to be calling tomorrow and i dont want to get stuck without anything to say haha. but i hope you all have been able to enjoy this christmas eve and that tomorrow youll have an amazing christmas day. ill be spending the majority of my christmas in a bus traveling to and from uruapan haha, but all in all this has been the best christmas season of my life im pretty sure, and i hope i get to pass another christmas here in the mission field because i just like it that much haha :) 

monster chavindeca party with the boys

this friday ill be completing one year in the mission (yikes!) and so go out and celebrate and eat some mexican food for me haha. alright folks well i hope you have a great week and very merry christmas! 

the monster

with much love from mexico,
Elder Maccarthy

We were able to Skype with Elder Maccarthy. He is happy, healthy, and loves being a missionary. We love him and miss him but we are very, very glad that he loves Guadalajara so much.
 Please keep him in your prayers and Merry Christmas!

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