Guadalajara: 11/5/12

first off.......HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! hope it was a good one and i hope that you all likewise had a wonderful halloween filled with lots of candy and good times. i likewise had a pretty good halloween haha. i personally wasnt able to go out and go trick or treating, but i had some of my little gremlins go out and gather candy for me haha, nothing really too good though oh well haha. also elder nielson changed places for the day which was kind of fun...hardly anybody noticed though which was even funnier haha. it was funny too because we found out that the shirts that i have are cursed...they have a curse of making you sweat really bad cuz elder nielson who hardly ever sweats here soaked the shirt that he wore that day haha gross i know but funny. but no worries i wont be effected by the curse anymore because im collecting shirts that dead elders are leaving behind haha a good wash and some bleach and they good as new. 

also really cool of the girls in the ward here is going on her mission this wednesday!! its super crazy because she turned her papers in over 3 months ago (ya imagine that all you that have been impatient in waiting for your call letter haha a few weeks seems like nothing) and her call letter never showed up, she kept just getting told that it was in route and to just be patient. and well so this past wednesday while we were actually at her house eating with her family for the food appt they got a phone call from the bishop with exciting news...she received her call! 

but even crazier news...she had to be in mexico city at the mtc the following wednesday so in 6 days!! oh and also she was assigned to serve in the mexico puebla sur mision. but ya so hows that for a crazy story haha because apparently here papers had gotten lost in the mail and should have arrived awhile ago and never did and this whole time she was going to be expected to be at the mtc on nov 7 and she never even knew about it, good thing though is that shes been preparing this whole time and so even though she only had a week of heads up shes still going to be ready to go. also elder nielson and i have been giving her classes of mission prep and preach my gospel and so its kind of cool because weve been able to teach her alot of stuff and little hints tips and tricks about teaching and just about everything a future missionary would want to know and so shes going to be more than well prepared. 

its actually been a two way thing because helping her out for her mission all this time has helped us stay pumped up on missin work and being a missionary. i just gotta say...its so cool being a missionary! all of kids think its cool if youre a gangster rapper, or a professional under water basket weaver but the real cool thing these days is being a missionary! and when you really think about it its true. everybody knows who we are, people always yell our names and honk their horns when they see us in the streets, people throw free food at us (or sometimes hand it to us politetly haha), everyone always stares at us so we get all the attention, and just overall were the coolest people in town! what young kid doesnt want all that haha. and especially now that the mission age has been lowered even more of you can be cool kids! 

but now were going to switch over to a more spiritual note, sorry for the drastic change. but well there was just something that i wanted to comment on that was brought to my attention this week in regards to the scriptures, and in specific the book of mormon. for those of you that also have spent time studying its containings have maybe realized that it uses the words and makes the reference to "my people". whether youve realized it or not, the next time you read pay attention to these two words as they come up in your reading and to what context they have in the verses. while doing this, you'll come to the realization that everything we do in the church and really in our lives, is for the children of God, his people. we can take alot of the things from the scriptures and especially the fact that we each have been given the humbling calling of helping our father in heaven to carry out his glory and his purpose. 

i mean really think about that...the God of everything, has entrusted us with fulfilling his "mission statement" so to say. and well now with that we can see a little more reason behind the constant referral of "my people" found in the book of mormon, because we need to be helping his people haha! i invite you all to study the scriptures even more fervently with extra attention to this concept so that you can better understand how to help Gods children in whatever place you may find them, and ultimately to help them receive immortality and eternal life, which is the greatest gift of God. 

i promise personally that you'll find joy and happiness as you do this, i live it everyday and I've never ever been happier, and so i know without a shout of a doubt that it will be the same for all you too. the Lord appreciates your efforts however small and seemingly insignificant they may be. and ol Elder Maccarthy out her in mexico loves you all and appreciates you all very much too. keep being rad everyone and remember that were called to His service, to carry this message to all those who are in the darkness and we cannot fail! we will be triumphant!! i love you and have an amazing week!

much love from mexico,
 Elder Maccarthy 

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