Guadalajara: 4/1/13 + A New Address

As you read this letter, remember that Dennis has not spoken English for many months now, so some of the grammar and spelling is hard to understand. 

so apatzingan was a literal ghost town practically this whole entire last week haha there wasn't anybody hardly.  and to top that off it was ridiculously hot, were getting closer day by day to the hot season here, i don't know how hot its been, but you can check what the temperature has been here lately and it will give some validity to my word haha. apart from that though we did have some success. this past week while we were walking around in the cursed heat trying to find people to teach, we remembered of a less active member that we had found a  few months back and never returned to visit him and so we decided to stop and talk to him and it turned out to be a great idea. we showed up to his  and it just so happened that hewasn't the only there, but also his whole entire family...and so we invited them to listen to us and it turned out to be a total miracle because they all accepted the message super well and at the very end in the prayer that we invited him to do, a super strong spirit just rushed into the lesson and it was a pretty cool experience for us and them too i'm sure. 

also the baptism of the hna martha had to be canceled because we ran into some unsuspected obstacles but we rescheduled it and everything is good to go for this weekend so ill be informing you on all how her baptism went in the following letter. the progress on the branch out in herendira has been slowed down for the moment because its been getting a little heated over there recently and so we've had to cancel the visits out there these past few weeks for security regards, but we're praying that soon here well be able to head back out there again to help them keep progressing. it surprises me at times how much the adversary really works to impede the progress of this work....this is the second time that some kind of conflict has come up to keep us from visiting people...first with tepalcatepec and we still haven't been able to get back out there because of the situation and now were seeing the same case with herendira and so i'm just hoping and praying that it'll get better soon here.

 but the good thing is that the main ward here in apatzingan is growing quickly, this past month of march we were in the 90s each week and this past sunday we hit 100 and so slowly but surely were getting up there. this month we have plans to reach 120 and start working on splitting up the wards and making two here...the adversary still hasn't been able to thwart our efforts here in the main city of apatzingan ahah. we keep just working our butts off and were seeing tons of great results here, its amazing how much this place has really progressed since when i first showed up here. its going to be really sad to leave this place, i'm not looking forward to it haha. i feel like this is home practically haha everybody here just loves me. but i know that wherever i go from is going to be where the Lord needs me. also change of subject but this weekend is general cool! it seems like just the other weekend that we had the october conferences, its amazing how fast time flies by. i'm excited to hear the new announcements that will be made, and to be able receive instruction from the leaders of the church.

i invite you all to watch it, ALL of it. its a grand blessing the disponability of the conference there in the states...we have to make the trek once again to uruapan to go to the conference, so count your blessings! i love you and hope that you have a great week and that you enjoy the conference this weekend.

with much love from mexico,
  Elder Maccarthy

*ANOUNCMENT*   the  mission address has changed and so DO NOT send any more mail to the old address, the stuff that has already been sent will be forwarded to this address but please do not send any more mail to the old address because the day will come when they stop forwarding the mail...following is the new address, spread the word :)

Av. 18 de Marzo #3088
Colonia: Las Águilas
Zapopan, Jalisco, México
C.P. 45080

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