Guadalajara: 3/18/13

this month of march is really turning out to be quite the month of miracles for us haha, yet again we had some great experiences this past week. we contacted that one lady who we met in the baptismal service last week and it was a way spiritual lesson. the lady is super choosen haha we showed up and taught her about the plan of salvation and it turned out super rad, she accepted it all super well and this 30th of march she is going to be getting baptized. it was a true miracle to have found her and just how truly prepared she has been by the Lord is amazing. 

also for this upcoming weekend we have a couple more baptisms lined of them being a miracle haha. we have this lady who we've been teaching together with her grand son and last weeek her grand son got baptized and the baptismal date that we had placed with her was for the 6 of abril but shes been progressing super fast, gaining a testimony and all that great stuff, and well just yesterday we got word that shes considering getting baptized this weekend because she feels ready and doesn't want to wait. so were actually going to be going with her tomorrow to see what she says for this saturday...were confident though that were going to see good results from the appointment. 

and then also our investigadores out in herendira are progressing really well also. unfortunately they didn't get baptized this past weekend but shortly here they will be, we've been working and praying for them a bunch and its showing great results. the majority of them have expressed to us already the testimonies that they have gained, they're just a little hesitant about it all and say the usual "i want to learn a little more" excuse but were going to work a ton with them using the Book of Mormon and i feel that in one of these next upcoming weeks they're going to getting baptized. all in all apatzingan is on fire right now! haha and not in the sense of temperature but in term of all the success and progress that is being seen here. 

this past sunday in the ward we had an assistance of 102, a big increase from when about 3 months ago we were in the 70s just about every week, and we keep increasing and doing better week after week. we got news from president too that he is going to send another companionship here to apatzingan to help us out with the work here and i'm stoked to see how much its going to just absolutely explode with having another companionship here. 

overall things are just going great right now. i cant imagine what kind of progress and experiences still lie ahead of us, but its truly amazing how great my mission is turning out to be, seriously the best experience of my whole life. i'm so excited to hear that james is preparing to head out on the mission and connor too,i know they're just going to love it, i definitely encourage every young man to serve a mission. i promise you that you wont regret it. you'll have experiences crazier and more special than anything you can imagine. in the personal i still have tons of great stories waiting to share with you all for when i get home haha adventures from my service here in the wild wild west haha. 

i hope that you all have a great week and that you were able to enjoy st pattys day yesterday haha. keep strong in the faith and thanks for all the support...i love you all!! until next weeek!

with much love from mexico, 
Elder Maccarthy

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