Apatzingan : 4/8/2013

apatzingan is one of the most desired areas to serve in in all of the mission, and even though they say its not a castigo, they almost treat it like it is haha. 

 me and elder garcia with president camarillo...our first day together

unfortunately i wasnt able to see all of general conference this last weekend, i did get to see the sunday sessions however and it was pretty good. i heard the big announcement about missionaries too, pretty crazy if you ask me. the work really is speeding up. my conference experience was different this time than from any of the other conferences, mainly because instead of thinking of things i needed in the talks that were given, i thought in the things that my investigadores needed. upon listening to the first talk given by president uchtdorf, i got a little bit emotional (dont tease, the mission softens you up alot) because one of our investigators was able to come to the sessions in uruapan and many of the things that president uchtdorf touched on in his talk were things i knew would help her with what she was facing currently in her life, and it was a really neat experience for me because it was a conference filled with receiving instruction in how i could better help the people im teaching in apatzingan. it was cool. 

also this past friday we had the baptism of our dear hna martha, cool experience from her baptism....so we scheduled the baptism for 7 oclock, but as usual noone ever shows up on time, and so it was just elder garcia and i and the hna marth waiting for people to show up and she was a feeling a little down in the dumps and so i tried to joy her up a bit when an idea came to my mind of what we should do, so i told her to sit tight because elder garcia and i were going to do a private concert for her haha and she smiled and laughed and told us she loved music and we began to sing her hymns and it was just what she needed. as we sat there outside the chapel singing to her a lovely spirit came over us and it was almost as if the world took a pause to allow us to sing and console this daughter of God, i can still picture her smiling face as we sang to her and her telling us how we sound like 2 little angels haha i love this gal. she even jumped in and sang along with us in some of the choruses, and it was just a really beautiful experience for me, because even though we might not sing good enough to join up with mo tab we got the job done haha. im so excited for all the youth in the stake and really in the church worldwide who are making the decision to go on the mission, it truly is the greatest experience ever. thinking that i only have 9 months left makes me nervous because im not ready for the real world haha i wanna stay here in the mission. but im super stoked for everyone thats showing up in the field...

my mexican roots are becoming deeper day by day hahahahaha

this weekend one of my converts is going to hit his year mark as a member and will be eligible to turn his papers in and all that good stuff and it definitely one of the many blessings that i count each and evey day, blessings that ive only been able to receive as ive served the Lord here in his work. i hope that you all are well and enjoying the great blessings that this gospel offer us. oh and a little invitation that i want to extend to all of you...this week go to the temple and do a session or baptisms or whatever you can for me haha its been over a year since ive been in the temple and you cant even imagine how badly i desire to be in the temple haha and so i invite you all to take advantage of the great blessing that you have to be able go whenever you want and when you go think of me and how much id love to be there with you haha. i love you all so much and have an amazing week!

district field trip to the zoo here in apatzingan

with much love from mexico,
                   Elder Maccarthy

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