Guadalajara: 3/25/13

had a pretty hectic week just recently, full of just running around all over the place, just so you get an idea i spent somewhere close to 800 pesos in travels haha. but all in all it turned out to be a pretty cool weekend with some neat experiences as always. this past week we had the baptismal service of an investigator thats been in teaching since septemberish, i gotta say it really is something else being able to see the fruits of your labors.

i've been here in apatzingan for about 8 months now and am just now reaping the harvest from some of the seeds i planted when i first showed up here, and there is still lots of work to be done. but the baptismal service we had was really great. we asked to of our recent converts to share their testimonies and they each just killed it and brought such a powerful spirit into the baptismal service. likewise one of our other baptisms for this weekend is progressing a ton. it is the old lady that we met in the baptismal service of her daughter who said that hearing that families can be together forever gave her a new hope in life, well anyways she truly has turned out to be absolutely chosen haha she kept telling us this past week that she wants to hurry up and get baptized already haha and doesn't want to wait till the 30th for her baptism but wants to do it right now this instant. she is a really cute ol gal, she calls me her "guerito" haha. 

also had a pretty cool experience giving a blessing to a lady this past week. its this lady were teaching out in herendira, and apparently she was super sick this past week to the point that she was bed ridden. and anyways so told that she was just feeling really bad and so she decided to say a prayer and in her prayer she felt that she absolutely needed to come to the chapel on sunday, and so, even though she was super sick she managed to come to church yesterday and there in the chapel we offered to give her a blessing and before doing blessings we explain the function and purpose of the blessings and explain that they work according to the faith of the person and that she can really be healed by this priesthood blessing, and so after explaining all this she tells us that she has faith that she can be healed and so i put my hands upon her head and gave her a priesthood blessing...upon finishing the blessing, she sat there a moment and just let out a sigh and then stood up and said to us, "its gone, i dont feel pain anymore"...

it was a neat experience for me to really see and strengthen my testimony of the power of the priesthood that every worthy male of this church has. it truly is the same priesthood by which Christ healed the sick, gave sight to the blind, made the cripple walk and all the other miracles that He performed. the priesthood truly is the authority that God has given to men to act in His name here upon the earth. its definitely one of the things on my list when i count my blessings. i hope all is well with everyone back home and that likewise you are all able to fully enjoy and receive the great blessings of this restored gospel. i love it. i love you all. have a wonderful week and know that im praying for you all...take care till next week!

with much love from mexico,

Elder Maccarthy

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