Apatzingan 4/22/2013

so we had a pretty crazy week here in apatzingan haha some good stories to tell when i get home haha. and well fortunately all the hecticness that was going on didnt have too big of an impact on the work that were doing here in apatzingan.

 this past saturday we had the baptism of one of our investigadores and well id like to share a little about her conversion story with you guys and how it is that she got baptized this weekend, because going into last week things werent looking too well. 

so recently here in apatzingan certain people *cough cough* have been opening up alot of job offers and offering lots of money haha and well this investigador of ours had been offered a job and well you could say she was having a hard time making a decision on what to do. going into the week she wasnt really too sure about getting baptized and we werent either haha and so we just kept praying and praying that she would make the correct decision. and so tuesday we had a lesson with her, super potente and powerful, and upon finishing the lesson we challenged her kneel that night and pray to know what to do, and that she would receive her answer. 

the next day we stopped by againg to see how it went with her homework and heres where the story gets good. so after having read a little bit from the book of mormon, she knelt down and began to pray asking what she should do, and upon finishing her prayer she went to sleep haha or at least tried too. she said that she couldnt sleep at all that night because her mind was just buzzing with thoughts about her baptism and what she should do...and she said that as she thought more and more about it she felt more and more feeling of love peace and tranquility. as she explained all of this with us, we knew immediately that what she had felt was her confirmation and answer in respect to what she needed to do. we didnt hesitate in testifying to her about the answer that she had received and had yet another way rad lesson with her and leaving the lesson she was more determined than ever to get baptized. and well sure enough saturday rolled around and she got baptized :)

 the other day we were talking with her and she says that in one year from now she wants to go on a mission! so that was pretty cool too hearing that and so were going to do everything in our power to able to help her prepare to be able to complete this goal that she has. i love the mission and all the great experiences that come with it. sorry this weeks email is a little bit short, but its because i have to travel right now to morelia for a leadership conference. i hope you all have a great week and that youre enjoying yourselves in your boring school and work life while im here having the time of my life in the mission! ha!

with much love from mexico,
             Elder Maccarthy

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