Apatzingan 4/29/2013

so i dont have much time to write cuz i had changes today so im gonna be quick cuz i have some great stories to tell you. so first off the big news is that my service in apatzingan has come to an end sadly. after varios months of working i have been called to another part of the Lords vineyard. i am currently in the city of morelia, michoacan in the area acueducto. in addition i have been assigned to be a zone leader here in the zone of morelia. it was sad to leave apatzingan because i really loved the place, but the Lord needs of my efforts in another region now and so i just go where they call me to go and keep doing what i do best. 

a quick little miracle that we had this past weekend. so we had been teaching this one lady for about 2 months and she was progresing and all that good stuff but every time she got close to getting baptized she would get super disanimated because some of her kids are super against the church and would make her start to doubt and second guess everything. and so for 2 months weve just been pulling our hair out trying to figure out what we can do to help her progress and get baptized. and so in the leadership training conference that elder garcia and i went to last week there were a few things that we learned taht we decided to put into practice to see if we could finally crack the hna. and so sure enough thursday we go to a teaching appt with her and begin to put into practice a few of the things we learned and sure enough she just opened up to us and in the end of it all she accepted to be interviewed in order to be baptized on saturday. leaving the lesson elder garcia felt like running down the street jumping and shouting from the pure joy and excitement we felt. we decided to hold a fast in part of the hermana so that she would stay animated for her baptism, and the next the zone leaders came and did her interview and everything was set and ready to go. saturday evening at about 3 oclock, 2 hrs before the baptismal service, we get a call from the hermana that she doesnt want to get baptized anymore and she doesnt want anything to do with the church anymore. aaaaand im out of time now haha and so youre all going to have to wait till next week to find out how the story ends hahah sorry folks, until next week!

much love from mexico,
      Elder Maccarthy

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