Morelia 5/6/2013

hey folks so im back again to finish the story from last week, sorry to have kept you all hanging for so long. okay so i left where it was saturday two hours before her baptism and the hna called us telling us she didnt want to get baptized anymore. and so of course the first thing that comes to my mind is oh crap what do i do what do i do....and so i just kept listening to her and finally she stopped talking and i just told her hna those arent your feelings, you dont really mean all of that...and then i told her that right away we were going to stop by her house and so sure enough we hopped on the bus and off we went to go see what happened to the hna and help her out and i just remember the whole bus ride we were praying our hearts out haha elder garcia got super nervous but i just told him not to worry because everything was going to work out fine and we just needed to pray for the spirit to be with us and her and we get to her house and sit down to talk with her and one hour later we left her house with smiles on our faces and at peace because in the end of it all we were able to help her find the strength to pull through and sure enought that evening she got baptized.

 it was a nice little miracle to end my service in apatzingan, man do i miss that place. other cool story that happened that same week. so the other elders had a baptism planned but the kid decided last minute that he didnt want to get baptized anymore also ...haha... and so i told the elders to not worry about that i was going to do his baptismal interview and so anyways we get to the house and i start the interview and all was going smoothly and anyways i felt impressed to ask him to share his testimony of Joseph Smith with me and so he starts to tell me about how the night before in his prayers he asked God to let him know if Joseph Smith was a true prophet and through teary eyes he told me that as the words left his mouth he felt something come over him that he had never felt before but that it was the best feeling he had ever felt in his life. and well i cant really share with you all the rest of what happened in the interview because its confidential ...haha.... but leaving the interview the kid was super stoked to get baptized and one day be a missionary like elder maccarthy. included in this email is a foto of me with the kid in the baptismal service, his name is Yahir and he has my nametag on my shirt; and well he really helped me to strenghten my own personal testimony of Joseph Smith and really the true beauty of the way that our Heavenly Father answers our prayers. im thankful for the ability i have to be able to communicate and have a personal relationship with my Heavenly Father. its one of the most cherised things that i have gained here on the mission is an ever stronger love and relationship with him. 

also included is a foto of me, elder garcia, and elder collins. elder garcia is now training in good ol apatzingan and so its a picture of father, son, and grandson haha. have a great week everyone and enjoy mothers day and the time you have to spend with your moms...i miss my mom a tons but ill be seeing her and all the family here soon. cherish the time you have, because you truly dont realize what you got till its gone. i love you tons and hope that God pours millions of blessings upon you all! have a great week and until next monday!
with much love from mexico,
               Elder Maccarthy

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