Guadalajara: 9/17/12 + an "operacion"

the ingrown toenail from hades

pretty uneventful, but still eventful week haha. so for the past 5 weeks i've had this gnarly gross ingrown toenail. and i was just kinding living with it and just waiting for it to maybe go away. and well it wasnt. so i called the hermana (this being about 2 weeks ago) and she told me to start soaking it in salt water every night and it'll go away. so i'd been doing that and it still didn't work. 

im not a new member...

and as you all can imagine the roads here in mexico, especially where i work at, here in apatzingan, are pretty rough and hurt to walk on enough as it is. and also my toe seemed to have this magnetic attraction to rocks in the road and i'd kick rocks about 5 times a day haha. it was a nightly ordeal to come home and find that the part of sock around my toe would we soaked with blood and puss. it was not a fun ordeal and i know alot of you are thinking psssh an ingrown toenail cmon elder maccarthy, but i'm telling you this thing was gnarly haha. 

mine and elder nielsons cute little date haha

and then well finally wednesday night of this past week i just couldn't handle it anymore, i'd kicked about a bagillion rocks that day and my toe was all bloody and filled with puss and well ya it hurt pretty bad. and so we called the hermana the next day and told her that we were going to go a see doctor because my toe was really jacked up, and so we go see the doctor, and he was like woah.... holy crap kid.... this thing is jacked up! and i was like yeah i know, now just do something to fix it haha and so we talked to him and then called the hermana to get the permission to go ahead and do this operacion where they would just take out the root of my nail in that part and clean up and get rid of the infection that i also had, but she said no haha because she didn't trust the guy. 

gauze stuff from my my operations :) it hurt taking it off

i was cool with that because i don't want to get something from some nasty doctor dude, so she hooked me up with a good doctor and friday morning i went in for them to take out the nail. and so to start off they give me this shot in my toe, and it must've been a joke shot or the lady didn't like americans cuz she took about 45 seconds no joke squeezing the liquid into my toe. and so i was sitting there dying cuz this lady is taking forever giving me the shot and elder nielson is sitting next to me telling me he wished he would've brought his camera so he could record my face haha cuz well it hurt pretty bad. and cuz i had to get one under my nail too. so ya that sucked. and then my toe goes completely numb and she grabs these gnarly cutters that i'm pretty sure you could also use to cut chain link fence and she starts cutting the nail where its infected until she gets to the base and then she grabs some pliers and pulls out the piece of my nail and it was pretty gross. and it was pretty big too haha i was surprised. and she then continues to clean it and pull out all the infected gross stuff and ya it was pretty messy looking. 

gauze stuff from my my operations :) it hurt taking it off

i'll stop grossing you guys out there haha but so they took out the nail chunk and then i have to go back in a couple months and there going to use some acid stuff to burn the root of my nail so i don't get ingrown toenails anymore. but it stinks at the same time cuz i have to wait for the ingrown toenail to come back and then go back and do the process all over again but this next time there gonna get rid of it for good. and don't worry folks the mission is going to pay for it. and so anyways these past couple days i've been "guardando reposa" waiting till i can walk again. 

independence day party!

and so these last few days i've been sitting in a hammock all day just being a vegetable and just dyyyiiinnnggg. it was so stinking boring haha i couldn't wait till be able to get up and leave the house haha i feel bad for elders that get sick and have to do that for a couple weeks. it really stunk. especially cuz i was super worried about our investigators because i wanted to leave and go visit with them but if i did that the hermana would kill me haha and it would only delay the healing of my toe. 

playing with my chicken nuggets haha

and so nothing to special went on haha. saturday and sunday though were the celebrations for mexican independence day, saturday night at 11 everybody goes downtown and the governor of the city goes up onto a balcony and shouts viva mexico! and then the names of all the heroes of the revolution and then viva mexico a bunch more times and there were fire works and people shooting guns off and ya it was a pretty interesting little experience haha. 

playing with my chicken nuggets haha

we weren't allowed to leave and go watch it but we could hear it from our house and so that was cool. we stayed up and shouted viva mexico from the back patio of our house haha. but ya so that was the big new from the past week, i never knew ingrown toenails could be such a pain in the behind haha. but all is good now and i'm going to be back in action this week! but i gotta wrap it up now, have a great week and ill be talking to you again soon!! love you all!

playing with my chicken nuggets haha

much love from mexico, 
     Elder Maccarthy


its the icemans pet dog haha

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