Guadalajara: 9/3/12 + a new puppy friend

another normal week haha

power stance!
i considering modeling when i get home haha

well im glad to hear that some people are getting a kick out of the blog, i always had a feeling that it would be a cool idea. and thanks a ton nicole for taking care of it and making it look so cool. and for those of you that havent checked it out yet, go check it out! i gotta say this is one of the most inspired works that exists upon the face of the earth. i cant think of anything, nor have i ever lived anything so spiritual in my life...its is just so awesome being able to see how perfectly everything just falls into place and then afterwards just having that feeling like you were in the right place at the right time kind of thing. 

chupacabra nest!!

bird eye view of the city, its pretty huh?

yesterday was a really great testimony meeting also in my ward. the first person who got up to bear their testimony shared their love and appreciation for missionaries and how much mission work has changed her life and then just about every single testimony after that that was shared touched on us missionaries. and well as missionaries we definitely dont feel that special, or even like we do anything out of the ordinary. but just sitting there in the meeting hearing testimony after testimony giving thanks and love to us missionaries really touched me. and then being able to hear from my mom and nicole about the effect my stories are having on people has really made me realize how truly inspired and marvelous this work is. i mean really im just some punk 19 year old kid bee bopping on around down here in apatzingan haha. its way cool and humbling really to hear stuff like that, so hope you all keep enjoying it. 

bird eye view of the city, its pretty huh?

the hunch back of apatzingan!

anyways though so this week...i cant really think of much of what happened this week, my mind just kind of took a blank....something i started awhile ago thats been an awesome experience has been feasting upon the scriptures, but in SPANISH! its funny too because i totally remember picking up book of mormons in spanish or hymnbooks in spanish with connor and trying to read the stuff on the pages and not being able to do it haha. but anyways its way cool being able to study the scriptures in spanish...its such a cool language. and so ive begun to read the book of mormon since the beginning in my new native tongue and its been very rewarding. because ive also begun to read the new testament to familiarize myself with it, and well i cant help but think "man i wish i wouldve gone to seminary" so to all you future missionaries or all those kids out there...go to seminary! alright theres my invitation for the week. 
i like making funny faces haha

elder bate, elder hosch and me...the 8 month club!

but anyways i want to invite all you people out there to go grab a book of mormon and start to read from cover to cover. its a challenge that i extended to the ward yesterday also, and im not going to promise you anything, because thats not my job, but i will give you my testimony and surety that if you do it you will be extremely extremely happy you did haha. i cant really think of anything to talk about in this email, my mind just isnt working right now...sorry my life is boring haha. oh so this past week i found this lady who was selling hand made ties for 1 peso and so i bought 6 of em haha because it made me think of nicole and how she makes rad handmade stuff so i figured id do this lady a favor and take some merchandise off her hand. the ties are pretty cool wearing one them in the pictures of me and the gross puppy from the streets, and also of me doing the crazy war cry pictures. 

my little bud named winston he was following me around all day haha and then he stopped and it made me sad

oh and so about that puppy, so me and elder nielson were just walking around doing our thing and then hes like hey elder maccarthy that dog is following you! i was like woah what the heck it is! and it was like cute little gross puppy that had some gross liquid on its hair and it had bald spots here and there (zoom in on it and check it out in the pictures, its a gross little thing) and well ya it followed me around all day haha like literally. wed go to lessons and itd follow me or itd sit outside and wait for me to come out again and it was really cute actually and funny too because it didnt really like elder nielson haha like itd only follow me and not him and so elder nielson was happy when the puppy ran away. but i was sad because i liked having a little homie here. 

my little bud named winston he was following me around all day haha and then he stopped and it made me sad

my little bud named winston he was following me around all day haha and then he stopped and it made me sad
also cool out of alll the missionaries in the mission elder nielson and i were 1 of the 5 companionships to complete the standard. when the times get tough the tough get going!! but ya so im gonna go now...were gonna go play some soccer! woohoo! have an awesome week and stay safe! love you all!!

i dont think theres a caption that can describe this picture haha

much love from mexico,
   Elder Maccarthy


this is why you don't drink the water in mexico haha

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