Guadalajara: 10/1/12 + Montezuma's Revenge!

had another super hectic and crazy week. last sunday the 23  we ate some moriscetta that this one hna made for us, i thought it was fine, i mean it tasted a lil funny, but i ate it anyways and that would turn out to be one of the worst ideas ever haha. the next day, monday, the nightmare that is just now ending began, and i was probably the sickest that i've been so far on the mission. pure diarrea and vomiting for 5 days straight. the peak was tuesday and wednesday, tuesday i went to the bathroom 23 times and threw up 6 times, and on wednesday i went to the bathroom 17 times and threw up 8 times. 

mexico is so pretty

i actually ended up having to do some blood tests and travel to morelia to go see a doctor up there because they were going to put me on an i.v. for a few days to get me back into good working conditions. but they ended up just putting me on antibiotics and a gatorade and pedialyte diet. but ya it was pretty sucky. anything that i ate or drank, no matter what it was, would be coming up or going down within the next hour, it was impossible to keep anything in my system. but i got smart and started only eating like yogurt and ice cream, because ya it wasn't the best for my situation but it tasted the best coming back up haha alot better than alot of the food here. 

but ya so my week was full of alot of throwing up on the side of streets, emergency bathroom trips to the chapel, and i lost a bunch of weight! woohoo for me. but i'm doing alot better now, i've been taking the antibiotics and eating a really conservative diet and so i'm doing much better so no worries peeps. but i have some other cool news to share with you all. so first funny story. there's a little girl in the ward that asked me to help her with her english homework last week and so i gladly said that i would and so i helped her with it. anyways so this past week when we showed up to the families house for the food appt. they were telling me about how the girl got a 6 on the homework i helped her with, and so i was like woah woah wait a minute and show me the homework haha and so the little girl goes and gets her homework and sure enough she got a 6! and just fyi in mexico they do their grading on a 1 to 10 grading scale, so basically she got a D on the homework haha. i was completely confused to be honest haha and they were all laughing about how i dont even know my own language anymore haha. because the girl did another homework assignment and used an online translator to do it and she got a 10 on that homework! so it was just funny because we were all laughing about how the american elder that speaks english natively doesnt know his own language anymore haha but ya it was funny. i told them i wanted to talk to the teacher and give the guy a piece of my mind, but i figured i have better things to do with my time haha.

yay for goldfish

but anyways so there's that story and here's the next one. we received some word from some people that had gotten baptized and live out in some pueblitos about an hour and half from apatizgan why had the missionaries stopped visiting? we didnt know why and so we talked to some ward members about it and apparently the missionaries had gotten the green light to go out and start working in the pueblitos farther away from the city and actually had some success, and there's a few members out there. and apparently they were about to start a branch out there but the missionaries were removed from apatzingan or something like that and so it was left at that. and anyways so my companion and i have been talking to our leaders about it and we're going to go out and there and get to work to start up this branch. there's about 5 or 8 members for sure out there and so we only need to baptize a few more and then well be able to talk to the mission president about starting a branch out there. 

i'm personally pretty stoked about it, because well ya its going to be way hard, probably harder than i think haha but its one of those things that i feel like we need to do. elder nielson isn't as stoked about it haha because he hates working in pueblitos, but we're making plans to go out and start working this week. we have no idea what we're walking into to be honest, because there's only about two people in the ward that know where some of these members live but in todos modos we're going to go see what we can do. because we're working to try to make apatzingan and the neighboring area nueva italia a district here. we just need to get the assistence of apatzingan up to 150 (were at 75 right now) and then we can split apatzingan up into two wards, and then we'd have the branch in nueva italia and then with the branch that elder nielson and i are going to make. we'll have enough to make our own little district. which would be super rad and would be a big help because it's hard for alot of the members here because we're so far from uruapan and the bulk of the state. so it's something that i'm looking forward to being able to be a part of and start throwing some efforts into. it's gonna be tough but hey that's why we're here, to build up the kingdom of God upon the earth. but ya so that's the latest news here from tierra caliente. 

me making the beautiful mexican countryside look even better

super stoked for conference this weekend, hope you all are too. throw a little shout out for me here in apatzingan when they say the number of full time missionaries in the world haha ill appreciate it. have a great week everyone and keep up the awesome work that i know you all are doing. i love you and thank you so much for your prayers and thoughts for me. take care and have a great week!

much love from mexico,
     Elder Maccarthy

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