Guadalajara- 7/30/12

this is why i'm here

so its pretty interesting how each week i seem to learn a new lesson. this past week was a butt kicker, as usual, but it mostly kicked my butt mentally more than physically. so we had 2 baptismal dates set up for this past weekend and we were super pumped for them and well they both fell through when thursday came around haha. and we hadnt had a baptism for a few weeks, and it was also the last weekend of the month (we had set a baptismal goal for the month of july of 4 baptisms and we had 3) and so i personally was super duper stressed because we were so close to getting that last baptism and i really wanted to complete with our goal. 

fun little day hike in narco land!
so friday we decided to do a fast, a fast with the intents of being able to baptize that weekend and to be able to complete with our goal. we began our fast and about a few hours into it we got the idea that we should invite one our investigators to be baptized this weekend (the crazy lady i told you about a few weeks ago). and so we hurry over to her house to meet with her, and of course the gates to get into her house are locked (she lives in one of the few gated communities in mexico haha) and so being desperate, and crazy teenagers haha, elder tucker and i decide to ditch the bikes and hide em in a bush and then we go and hop this fence haha and start running to the ladies house because it was getting close to curfew time. so we get to her house and after having the impression to go and talk to her we were almost certain that she was gonna open the door and warmly welcome us in and tell us she wants to be baptized as soon as possible! however to our surprise we get there and....shes not home. 

before the chocolate challenge

we decide to give her a call, she answered, we invited her to be baptized, she said sure but that she was out of town for the weekend. my heart dropped personally. i wanted to cry haha. so then after all this we headed home, and i remember just feeling emotionally and physically drained. because that day elder tucker and i had to get up at 430 to go do baptismal interviews for the hermanas in the district, and we didnt get back to our area till about 5 and so we ate a quick dinner, began our fast, and got to work. and so we were running around trying to meet with some our investigators before the day ended and i was just pooped. and then on top of that we werent able to complete with our baptismal goal. and so ya i was a little down in the dumps saturday night. 

after the chocolate cake challenge AND i ate the rest of elder tucker's cheesecake

however luckily our Heavenly Father knows each us each so well, and well he had a great little surprise for me sunday morning. so early in the week i had given a baggie with one of my white shirts, a pair of  pants, socks, and a tie to one of our investigators. i absolutely love the guy and i gave him the little church goodie bag to make him feel more comfortable at church. and anyways in the midst of all the running around and stressing that i had been doing, i had forgotten completely about the church clothes i gave to him, and anyways so we went to his house sunday morning to take him to church with us, and he comes running out of the house wearing his new church clothes i had given him, with his tie tied in this awkward weird knot haha and his hair combed over to the side to look like us and he just burst of his house with the excitement of a little kid on christmas haha. and he told about how he woke up at 5 in the morning to shower and get ready and everything and how he was ready to go to church, and then the biggest surprise came. he told us he wanted to be baptized, and he wanted to do it today. 

yes, be jealous. carne aside and chorizo quesadilla tacos with home made guacamole and horchata and hand made tortillas. oh and they're free whenever we want. you can't get better than that.
this was a surprise because hes been being taught since december and has been up and down like a roller coaster in wanting and not wanting to be baptized. and well unfortunately we had to tell him no because he hadnt completely stopped drinking, and he commented how of course the one time that HE wants to be baptized we tell him no he cant haha. but really this whole experience kind of woke me up out of the poor elder maccarthy mind set that i had been in. im not happy to admit it but its true that i had forgotten about the reason why im here amidst everything that was happening. and while i was standing with him just happy as a jay bird it hit me, this is why im here, and Heavenly Father blessed me with a little boost of happiness and well it was enough to get me out of my slump.

virgin mary hieroglyphics
 and well i learned thats its not all about me and whether i complete my goals and finish with the things that i need to do, but that i need to worry and focus about those around me, and then with that the Lord will help me to take care of my needs. as missionaries we get pressured alot to complete with the standard of excellence, and baptize, and make sure your district is doing good and that there completing with the standard and baptizing too and so its really quite easy to lose yourself in other aspects of the work, but its important to always remember why it is that were really here as missionaries. and also as members of this church, that we have tons of opportunities to share the gospel each day but often times pass them by because we simply dont leave time for stuff like that. 

livin on the wild side in mexico!
it reminds me of one part in Doctrine and Covenants where the missionaries of that time are reminded that they shouldnt be so occupied in going from place to place, when theres people on either side of them dwindling in unbelief. remember that the Spirit talks to us and will help us have and recognize those missionary moments by a still small voice so dont let the things of the world get in the way too much. and to top it all of in church on sunday one of the speakers thanked us personally for all we do as missionaries from the pulpit, and so that made me feel appreciated and good, and then also we had a class on adversity that i was able to learn alot from. 

fun little day hike in narco land!
the Lord works in mysterious ways and knows how to help each and every one of us with our individual problems and situations. always remember that when all else seems to fail you always got him at your back. i love you all and thank you for all you do to support and help in the mission work. even the smallest stuff counts, and no effort is ever wasted! and so you all know im in alot better spirits now but thanks a ton for all the prayers that have been offered in my behalf, even if you didnt realize, they helped alot! have a great week everyone, and to all the peeps back in the HB Stake, have a great youth conference!! les amo!

fun little day hike in narco land!
much love from mexico,
    Elder Maccarthy

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