Guadalajara- 8/20/12 + Saying Hello To...

tierra de infierno

elder tucker and i in the bus station together, gonna miss him

a few words to describe apatzingan: crazy, hot, hot, and really hot haha. and well not just in terms of temperature but in terms of the work here haha. i dont know if you guys have all googled and looked up what the place is like but i suggest you dont haha alot of messed up stuff happens here and i dont want any of you reading about it. but so far im loving it here. the area is super sweet too, we're one of the largest areas of the whole mission, and the farthest too haha. we reach from apatzingan over towards colima and then down to the coast line and everything in between! half of it is just mountains and wilderness with little pueblitos and ranchos here and there. it's really cool there, they're literally are parts of my area where we teaching people where we have to hike through the mountains to these little pueblitos of people to teach them. and especially because right now with the new program that were working with we do alot of work with menos activos (less actives) and recent conversos and so we sometimes travel out to the middle of nowhere to go meet with these people. its pretty sweet not gonna lie hiking through the mountains here and seeing all the cool stuff. its like every day is a pday and we get to go on fun little wilderness hikes haha. 

elder nielson and i with our newest member and her family
but ya so basically apatzingan is just little tiny city plopped in the middle of all these little pueblitos and ranchos and well ya its a cool little city. elder nielson and i went and cruised around centro looking at the old buildings and musuems and stuff down there. also i have a funny story about last monday when i came here but ill let you know about that later cuz i dont have much time to email. but ya so my new companion is pretty cool, elder nielson from riverton utah. hes got a whopping 10 months in the mission and were basically opening up the area together haha its pretty tough. he barely has any time here in the area and so were learning it together, and then on top of that half of the streets here you can only find by asking the local neighborhood tienda (store) so the work is a little pesado at times. but its really fun, but definitely going to be one of the hardest area i'll have to work in though, i think. there were a couple times during the week not gonna lie where i was just like dude, this stinks so hard haha. but while yes its way gnarly, its way worth it because i know that theres alot of people here that need my help. from what you may have heard about apatzingan its a pretty crazy place, but the rumors and news dont let people really know that this city and its surroundings are full of really great people. even in just the little time i have been here i've met some really cool people. 

yay for cheesy smiles!
and i think im going to be chilling here for awhile, at least till christmas so im excited for that i think, as long as i get out of here before march because thats the hot season haha and they say this is the cooler part of the year so i dont wanna know what the hot part of the year is like haha. also im hoping that maybe president will give us permission to beebop on down to the beach one day and do a beach baptism! i know how sweet would that be! i'm super stoked because not only do i have my beach back again but now i have my beach back and i can baptize in it! woo hooo! but who knows haha it's like 2 1/2 hrs from here. i cant really think of much else to say haha i think my brain has been cooked like an egg by all the heat here. we baptized this weekend which was pretty cool, i taught the lady about 3 times before her baptism but she is pretty sweet, the people here are alot different than in guadalajara. and then we have another baptism lined up for this weekend and so i'm hoping that that will pull through because the lady is waaaay sweet and her husband has just received the priesthood so he's prolly gonna do the baptism and i personally think that would be really special. i dont really have alot of time because we were kind of running late on things today and so i gotta go to work now. have a great week everybody and i hope all is well back in the states or wherever you may be. and the mail receival here is a little more sparce due to the distance, but i always love getting something when the mail does come haha. 

me showing a member how to smile haha

sorry this last letter was a little lacking in cool stories and stuff, i'm hoping this upcoming week will bring some excitement! alright folks well take care and i love you all!!

much love from mexico,
   Elder Maccarthy

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