Guadalajara- 8/13/12 + A New Area!

so sure enough just as i expected, this was my last week here in central. found out last night that i had changes and that im headed to ______, i gotta be in the bus station at around noon today to catch my bus and then i got about a 6 hour bus ride out to my new zone and area. from what i was told about where im headed, its basically just like a rainforest and super humid and hot haha so im excited to get there and see what i got in store for the next who knows how long. its a little sad though leaving behind this area, i have alot of great friendships and converts and members here that im really gonna miss. i actually cried a little when i had to say goodbye to one of our investigators haha i only started crying though because he started crying first! but i told him no worries and that im gonna talk to pres. camarillo to let me go through the temple with him when he goes and to maybe come back to see his farewell talk and stuff too. oh and fer is the young man that we baptized back in abril i believe, and well since then weve really taken him under our wing and were preparing him to go on his mission on a year and hes way stoked. 

myspace pic with elder tucker haha

elder tucker and i have also been working alot with his brother, who had a mission call but didnt end up going, and yesterday he told us that he had decided that in december he was gonna turn in his papers again! so that means this time next year im going to be serving with my brothers! its amazing to be able to be part of such cool stuff, especially being able to serve with my buds the brothers! also found out that i broke a record here, i had the most time in central than any other american woohoo haha! but ya it was really a neat week and weekend that we had. 


on saturday we had our miracle baptism. the lady we baptized, let me tell you a little about her. so her daughter is married to one of the hermanos in the ward and about a month ago we went to the hnos house for  food and she happened to be there too and well we got to talking to her and she accepted a visit from us. and we began teaching her and then we found out a little detail about her, she was going in for back surgery because we lost contact with her for about a week and then her daughter let us know the situation with her and stuff. after a few days though we got back into contact with her and well sure enough yep she had just had back surgery haha. we invited her to be baptized, but she said she wouldnt be able to do it for another 3 to 5 months till her back was healed, so we were just like dang this stinks, oh well were just gonna have to wait for her to heal and teach and get her prepared meanwhile. 


so after about 2 weeks of teaching we had taught her everything and well she was prepared really to be baptized, she had a testimony, the desire to do it, her back was just the problem. so we did a fast to be able to know if we should baptize her right now or wait till her back was better, and if we did it right now that the Lord would bless her to be healed, and well the answer we received was a confirmative, we should baptize her right now. and so we talked to her about, told her that if she asked with faith to be given the strength to be baptized she would receive it, and well she did it and accepted to be interviewed and be baptized this weekend. so friday rolls around, the day before her baptism, and we stop by to see how she is and apparently something happened, she walked around to much and was in a lot of pain. when we heard this we were like dang it were not gonna baptize her this weekend, but we just told her to rest up and well see how she feels tomorrow. 


and well the day of her baptism rolls around and she doesnt show up...we call her a bunch and she doesnt answer, so we just figured wed forget about it. and then we get a call from her son in law and he tells us that hes on his was with rosalba! we were so pumped! andyways  we had a great little service, elder tucker and i had to tag team baptize her so that her back wouldnt get messed up and the moment the went under she just sprung up out of the water as if she didnt have any back problems! and she just kept saying my goodness elders i feel so good, i feel like i have a brand new body and she just kept telling us about how great her body felt. and well elder tucker and i just kinda looked at each other and said well He is a God of miracles after all, and well its true because he is haha. but it was just a really great experience to be a part of. 

family with missionaries (elder toque, elder roden, yo y elder tucker)

elder tucker said it was the best baptism hes had yet in his mission, and it was one of the better ones ive had too. and then yesterday on sunday tucker and i had to give talks again and well i spoke for like 20 minutes again and let him with 10 to talk haha but ya it was just a good weekend. definitely a great weekend to end this chapter of my mission here in central tlaquepaque. also elder tucker is going to train! im excited for his kid, because elder tucker is such a rad elder, im gonna miss him tons. but i gotta get going now because i need to be in the bus station in a lil, i just wanted to shoot off a quick email in case i didnt get a chance to later on today. and sorry if its kinda of all the over the place and doesnt make any sense, i didnt get to bed till 230 last night waiting up for changes, so im running off 4 hrs of sleep and well ya im a lil tired and out of it haha. but have a great week everyone and ill be talking to you next week or later on today! love you and bye!

picture of me in rio carrel...we had a gnarly rain storm this week and the road was flooded up to our knees just about

much love from mexico,
     Elder Maccarthy

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