Guadalajara- Week TWELVE!

so this past week definitely was filled with some great moments that i wanted to share with you all. probably the first and most special happened yesterday on sunday. yesterday we were able to give a member the priesthood, and it was just so cool. i know ive said it a million times already but this kid is just so special, and being to be there and be a part of some of his first steps towards reaching the potential that his Father in Heaven has planned for him is just so rad for lack of a better word haha. im so excited to see where he ends up going in his life and the great that he will do. also this past week i think we gave one of the best lessons ever, it was so good that i think the prophet would even be amazed haha. i dont know why it went so good haha but everything was just so perfect. the lesson was with thomas, our preacher friend, and we taught him about conversion because its something hes had alot of questions about lately. 

briz being goofy

i think one of the reasons why it was such a powerful lesson is because we used the scriptures so much, its truly amazing how much power there really is in the book of mormon, i mean there literally is a real power associated with this book and i wish every member of this Church could really see how powerful this book is, because it definitely has made my testimony and love for it grow soooo much. also my testimony for the bible has grown alot too, before my mission i can say that i hardly knew the bible but im glad that ive gotten to know it alot better on my mission. i love reading the gospels and reading about the life and teachings of Christ. at the beginning of my mission is when i started reading and studying alot more the life and teachings of Christ, because as a missionary were sent out to preach His gospel in His name, so what better way is there to learn how to do this than to read and study how he himself did it haha. ive also begun to read Jesus the Christ in the little free time i have and wow its such a great book, i encourage you all to read it likewise. ive made it a goal on my mission to really speak, teach, interact, and love the people i teach here as if it was Christ himself sitting there with them. 


i literally want to be a walking vessel of His spirit and His love so that every person can feel the same love i have felt! and from what i have experienced so far for working on this goal has been amazing. im nowhere near perfect or being where i can be one day, but thats the beauty of it, the trials and struggle to improve are what truly make us better and stronger, and its like the saying goes...its not so much the destination as it is the journey. and well its an amazing journey trying to be just like our brother Jesus Christ. i wish i could have met him and seen him in cool would that have been!! im excited to meet him one day, and until then im gonna do all i can to make him proud of me and my efforts to become better. apart from his great teaching skills another thing that i absolutely admire is the love he had for everyone! i encourage you all to go out and buy a preach my gospel and study the christlike attributes section...i study these attributes daily and its proved to be such a blessing in not only helping me to develop the qualities of the missionary i want to be but also to become the man and father i want to be. its amazing in how many different aspects my mission has already blessed me and will continue to bless me haha. gah i just love it. cant put it any other way. and i dont think ill ever be able to give enough thanks for my mission and how great of an experience it is. im sad that i only have 19 months left, not that i regret the last 5 months, but its just i love being a missionary and its going by way to fast haha, i need to stop having so much fun and then maybe itll slow down a bit for me haha! 

i just had to include this one because the little boy is picking his nose haha hes the one hat drew me the little missionary man picture that i showed you all in the skype call if you remember

also so funny stuff from this week, we were eating at the house of a part member family, and i dont remember how but he got to talking about this movie about people with cone heads...and i was like hey i know that movie!! and so ya he and i talked about coneheads for about an hour ahaha and elder briz was so confused as we quoted parts from the movie and talked about it and were laughing and stuff haha it was great. also we had a ward activity this past saturday for mothers day...and they had karaoke...and well they love to pick on me for stuff because im the english speaking elder haha and so of course i got suckered in to singing justin beiber and some other was embarassing but really funny haha i need to try to find some videos of the experience so you all can pee your pants haha. i pray that all is well for you back home and that youre enjoying yourselves and blessing that you have...because in the words of the great dont know what you got till its gone haha and yes that reference was for you dad haha. i love you all and have a great week!!! a dios!

my little pet frog haha my face is all funny because he was about to jump and so i was screaming haha

much love from mexico,
Elder Maccarthy

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