Guadalajara- Week TEN!

well i got to skype with my family this past saturday and man was it good! i expected that i wouldnt be able to concentrate on the work afterward and that id be sad, but the opposite happened...ya i was a lil bummed clearly but i came out of the phone probable the most motivated so far in my mission! and well saturday turned out to be an excellent day for me. 

right after the phone call elder briz and i hopped on our bike and headed off to a teaching appointment with a new investigator of ours, and let me tell you  about this guy. he was a reference from on of our investigators and the initial intentions of him wanting to meet with us was to bible bash and to see how much we really knew...thomas was a missionary for the catholic church for 25 years and a father/ priest of a congregation. the first meeting with him he basically just grilled us, i personally was a little intimidated because this guy really knows his stuff, especially the bible, how luckily i had the Holy Ghost with me and we were actually able to answer all of his questions, and basically by the end of his questioning he was a little dumbfounded and we began to tell him about the restoration. the Holy Ghost definitely carried our words to his heart and at the end of the lesson we gave him a copy of the Restoration foyetto(i dont remember the word in english sorry) and then invited him to be baptized and he said yes. wow! 

the peeps took a hit getting here to mexico

and so we returned this last saturday to see how his reading went, he read and took the things he read very well. we then began talking to him about the plan of salvation...i began to bear testimony and tell him of how we all have the chance to live with our Heavenly Father, Christ, and our families again...and we will be able to live with them forever. i continued to bear testimony and express my love for this great plan that God has given us tears began to roll down this mans face. i stopped for a second to let the Spirit work on him and bear the truthfulness of my words to his heart. i then asked him how he feels knowing that one day he will be able to return to warm embrace of his Father in Heaven and his brother Jesus Christ and his loved ones. the tears continued to flow down his cheeks and he mumbled amongst sobs very good, very good. 

cool picture of the chapel

i then asked him if he was willing to do everything necessary to acheive this and he said yes he was willing...and then i asked him if he would be baptized by someone who holds the priesthood authority of God on the 26 of may, and he said yes yes he would! it was an amazing lesson...the spirit was so thick you could cut it with a knife! and the crazy thing too is that this all happened about 30 minutes after i had ended my phone family was probably all back home crying about how they missed me already and little did they know the great impact and motivation they had given me! also, in case you noticed, hes getting baptized the 26 of may soo... happy birthday dad! later on that day we met with two other investigators and they agreed to be baptized this 9 of june! all the hard work is starting to pay off and it feels great. the story of the two that are getting baptized the 9 of june is pretty cool, ill tell you all about it at some other time. 

cool picture of the chapel

so also this past sunday i had to give a talk in sacrament, to say the least i was waaay nervous haha. i spent all night saturday and all morning sunday working on it, because yes unfortunately im still a procrastinator haha but anyways we get to sacrament meeting and ya im a little nervous to say the least, a 20 minute talk...aye carumba! and also much to my dismay we get there and oh the whole stake presidency is there...great haha. luckily though i had the Spirit on my side and the talk went great...or at least thats what elder briz said haha he said to that what i said was understandable so that was a bonus! i spoke on the light of was the same talk that i had written for my farewell however it was in spanish this time haha it was funny too because after the talk everybody in the ward was saying that i dont have the excuse anymore of being able to say i dont speak and understand spanish...darn haha! also this past week we had what i consider to be a miracle happen while contacting in lomas de salto...the colonia an hour away from our house. however im out of time for emails this week so ill have to tell you all this story next week in the email! 

mashed potatoes and ribs!
its good too so be excited! also....HAPPY BIRTHDAY CONNOR WILSON MACCARTHY!!! i love you man child stud of a guy. keep chuggin along and stay awesome brotha! 

also auntie beckie i got your postcard of Huntington Beach sunsents....oh how i miss the beach and nice cool ocean air hahah thank you mucho though and much love to your family! have a good week though everybody and remember that i love you all and think that youre absolutely rad!!! stay awesome people!

                                                                      much love from mexico,
     Elder Maccarthy

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